Rock Musical Bleach Gets New Cast

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Rock Musical Bleach Gets New Cast
One of Japan's most popular musicals, Rock Musical BLEACH, will be held in six different locations with a brand new cast starting on July 1st.

With 4,500 auditions held, Norizuki Kouhei has been chosen as the lead of Ichigo Kurosaki. He will be joined by Sato Miki, Kujirai Kousuke, Ishizaka Isamu and Niiro Shinya. Kida Tsuyoshi will be producing as well as writing an original story for the new musical.

Created by Kubo Tite, Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki after he attains the power of a Shinigami (or Soul Reaper) from Rukia Kuchiki, another Shinigami. With his new powers, Ichigo is forced to take on the duties of defeating evil spirits (Hollows) and guide departed souls to the afterlife in Soul Society. The manga is currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

Since the musical's creation in 2005, 130,000 people have seen it.
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