Doremidan To Release New Single

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Doremidan To Release New Single
Many bands are releasing new CDs in July! Doremidan will have their next single out in stores on the 6th.

The visual kei band Doremidan are planning to release a single on the 6th of July. It has been titled "Kanshouteki rockin' slumber" (written 感傷的ロッキン・スランバー), and it's coming in two different types. The regular costs 1,260 yen and is CD only, while the Limited comes with CD+DVD and is a bit more expensive, 1,980 yen.

We've got the tracklist as well!
01. kanshouteki rockin' slumber (感傷的ロッキン・スランバー)
02. world end (ワールドエンド)
03.amaryllis (あまりりす) (only included in regular edition)
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