Han Geng and Wu Chun Stare Into Each Other's Eyes

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Han Geng and Wu Chun Stare Into Each Other's Eyes
To prepare them for their role in the upcoming film "My Kingdom", the director had Han Geng and Wu Chun stare each other down for 30 seconds. An English subbed trailer for the movie has also been uploaded on YouTube.

Han Geng and Wu Chun met each other under awkward conditions. The two were cast in the upcoming action movie "My Kingdom". Before meeting each other on set for the first time, the director of the movie, Gao Xiaosong, instructed the two to stare at each other for at least 30 seconds when they first met. The two did just that.

Han Geng commented on the incident, recalling that it was an awkward moment for both of them because they are both a little shy. However, he was glad to have the opportunity to work with the director on this movie, learning much about kung fu.

With the movie hitting theaters this summer, trailers have been teasing viewers. An English subbed version of one of the trailers has been released. Check it out below:

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