Hong Kong Artists Tries Out "Golden Facial Proportion" App

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Hong Kong Artists Tries Out
An app which calculates your "golden facial proportions" was recently tested on certain Hong Kong stars. The app calculates where your eyes are located, the distance from the mouth and so on, from there it determines how symmetrical your face is, the higher score the better.
http://i1.jpopasia.com/news/2/6118-q3wxvtzuq1.jpg http://i1.jpopasia.com/news/2/6118-cc2g5u68dp.jpg
Raymond Lam scored 7.5 in comparison to 6.5, the picture to the left is from 10 years back.
http://i1.jpopasia.com/news/2/6118-2t33pkl3tt.jpg http://i1.jpopasia.com/news/2/6118-5j5d7d56ti.jpg
Joey Yung scored 7.5, a photo from 10 years back was also calculated but she scored 7.5 on that one as well.

Kary Ng scored a staggering 9.6, both she and the reporter got slightly shocked over the high score
Natalie Tong scored a total of 9.0, in response to the high score she received, she expressed that she couldn't believe it.

Charmaine Sheh took 3 photos until she was satisfied, she got the score of 8.5
Bosco Wong got the score of 9.1, also getting the highest score of all male stars that the app was tested on.
Moses Chan's score was only 8.3, he said that he wasn't that disappointed in the score since he's not an idol or anything like that.

The score of Wayne Lai surprised many, his score was 0.1 higher than Moses.
We all have to remember that this is merely for fun and the accuracy regarding this application is doubtful.
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