Charmaine Sheh Considers Signing Contract With Huayi Brothers

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Charmaine Sheh Considers Signing Contract With Huayi Brothers
When Charmaine Sheh decided to leave TVB, rumors circulated whether or not she would sign a per-drama contract with them. Now it has also been rumored that Charmaine might sign a contract with Huayi Brothers that will last for three years.
Charmaine revealed that nothing is set in stone yet, but they're still discussing the possibilities. Apparently, Huayi Brothers offered her three chances to participate in dramas/films, One being in "If You Are the One," second being "Model" and finally the period film "Cao Cao."
Although Charmaine did leave TVB, she will still sign a short contract that will last for about two years, the contract involves her to play in a 30-episode drama every year.
Source: jpopasia.com
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