Are you ready for S9B (Super 9 Boyz)?

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Are you ready for S9B (Super 9 Boyz)?
An emerging boy band is set to debut in the coming weeks. S9B is managed under Nagaswara entertainment agency and is formed by a group of Indonesian Super Junior inspired fans (ELF) with dreams of standing on the same stage as their idol, Super Junior.

Some of the members chosen actually joined an organisation for KPop lovers in Indonesia called 'United K-Pop Lovers Indonesia (UKLI). The members of this organisations consists of high school and university students from around the country.
In preparation for their debut, producer Rahayu Kertawiguna stated that the band's first single will be called, "ACDC Aha Ehe". This was obtained and renamed through copyrights of 'Asereje', popularised by Las Ketchup. Moreover, DJ Soemantri whom is a recognised composer in Indonesia will assist the boys in the process with music composition. His past projects include, working with Agnes Monica and Denada. Agnes's choreographer, Paul (T-Five-vocalist) and Sammy (Ello-drummer) will also play a part in shaping the boys.
Of course, this album will be dedicated to SUPER JUNIOR and will be released either by the end of this month or early next month. The boys aim to work hard in order to avoid disappointing their idols.
Rumour has it that Kangta (H.O.T) might compose and record a song with the boys for the album. You can check their Facebook page, here.
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