misono Moves To Taiwan To Restart Music Career

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misono Moves To Taiwan To Restart Music Career

misono, the younger sister of pop star Koda Kumi, has decided to move to Taiwan to restart her music career.

The singer had been releasing music in Japan since in 2006, but halted her singing career in 2014 after the release of the album "Uchi". She had publicly declared that she wouldn't release any more music unless the album sold at least 10,000 copies, but was unable to break 3,000 in sales.

Since putting her music career on hold, misono has become an TV personality who make the rounds on variety programs. She will continue to making appearances on Japanese TV while pursuing music in Taiwan.

In February 2016, misono held a solo concert in Taiwan, and spent additional time on a private trip. The singer felt a connect to the country and its people, and had an established fan base in the country. This eventually compelled her to make the switch to the Taiwanese market.

Preparations for misono's transition to Taiwan have been going on since last year. She has been working on learning Chinese. Her official move to the country will occur before the end of the year.

On July 16, 2017, misono married Nosuke, the drummer of the band HighsidE. He will not be moving to Taiwan with misono, and the two will remain together in a long-distance relationship.

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    Huntress 5d ago

    I hope her career goes well, but find refusing to release music until you break record sales to be a little confusing as well as moving to an entirely new country when she could simply just record an album in Japan that's sung in Chinese and then release it. I wonder how her relationship will work if she moves to Taiwan and her husband refuses to come?

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