Dempagumi.inc's Moga Mogami Leaves Group For Health Reasons

11mo ago   ·   Monday 7 Aug, 2017 - 03:09am UTC   ·   Aysohmay   ·   2 upvotes   ·   1 comment   ·   1,661 views
Dempagumi.inc's Moga Mogami Leaves Group For Health Reasons

Dempagumi.inc member Moga Mogami has left the group effective immediately due to health reasons.

The group announced the sudden departure through its official website. The decision was made after discussing the matter with the staff and other related parties.

"There were several times where I took a day off due to poor health, and I felt like I was upsetting everyone," Mogami said. "I've been worrying about this for years, and it's been a burden that I haven't been able to help."

Dempagumi.inc will be continuing as a 5-member group from this point on. Mogami will pursue a solo career as an actress during periods of good health.

Shared by: Aysohmay
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    Miki 11mo ago

    Nööööö, but she was my favorite...

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