℃-ute Holds Final Live As Group Disbands

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℃-ute Holds Final Live As Group Disbands

℃-ute held its farewell concert "~Thank you team ℃-ute~" on June 12 at Saitama Super Arena, officially putting an end to the group's activities.

20,000 people packed the stadium for ℃-ute's final concert, with an additional 10,000 people watching the show through online streaming services.

The concert began with a performance of "The Curtain Rises", one of the songs off the group's last single. A total of 35 songs would be performed over the course of 3 hours, most of them singles from throughout the group's 12 year history.

Fellow Hello! Project groups such as ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Country Girls and more made appearances at the concert. Hello! Project's current leader Ayaka Wade, and former leaders Yuko Nakazawa and Sayumi Michishige, made surprise appearances as well to present the group with bouquets and congratulate them on their successes.

As the concert began to wrap up, the audience broke into chants for an encore. the group came back out to perform an additional 3 songs. When they left the stage, more calls for an encore were shouted, and a 2nd encore performance was held. Although the audience didn't want things to end, it was finally time for the group to finish not only their concert, but their time together as a group.

With ℃-ute officially disbanded, Mai Hagiwara has also decided to retire from the entertainment industry. Airi Suzuki will continue her activities as a solo artist, Chisato Okai will work on variety shows, and Maimi Yajima and Saki Nakajima will focus on developing their acting career.

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    It seems like the golden era of H!P is disappearing   . Now that ℃-ute and Berryz Kobou is gone, all that's left is Momusu. I will really miss them all.

    I wish the members' luck and success in whatever they do and I will do my best to keep up and support them. 

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