SNH48's Tang Anqi Speaks For First Time Since Fire Incident

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SNH48's Tang Anqi Speaks For First Time Since Fire Incident
SNH48 member Tang Anqi has spoken for the first time since the traumatic incident that left her hospitalized.

The idol recently underwent vocal chord surgery and has been recovering from the procedure. In an exclusive video with Sina, the singer recorded her first message since the incident occurred.

"Thank you all very much for the help and support you have given me. Because of your encouragement, help and support, I'm now recovering well. Through my daily efforts with exercise and therapy, I hope to see you all soon," she said.

Throughout the video, Tang's voice was audibly strained. She appeared to have difficulty speaking, and her voice choked up at various points during the video.

Although her voice is present, images of the singer's physical condition were not shown in the video.

It has been 80 days since Tang was admitted to the hospital with severe burns across approximately 80% of her body. Details about how the incident occurred remain unclear due to Tang's inability to speak.

Check out the video of Tang Anqi speaking for the first time below:

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