AKS Moves To Expand AKB48 Into Chinese Market

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AKS Moves To Expand AKB48 Into Chinese Market
AKS, the management company behind AKB48 and its sister group, has formed partnerships with Chinese digital music provider KuGuo Music and investment management firm Zhongcai Group in preparation for expansion into the Chinese market.

The strategic partnership between AKS and the Chinese companies will cover a wide range of areas, including both online and offline promotions, the publishing of recorded music, touring, webcasts, audio and video copyright, film and television appearances, business development, and merchandise sales.

AKS president Yoshinari Natsuko characterized the partnership as the best way to access resources in China to bring AKB48 and its brand into the market.

"The strategic partnership provide unparalleled resources and channels for the promotion of the AKB48 brand in the Chinese market. AKS' operations in Japan and other Asian countries has been very successful, and we look forward to AKB48 officially entering China," Natsuko said.

AKB48 currently has a sister group named SNH48 based out of Shanghai; however, AKB48 has not promoted itself in China.
Source: jpopasia.com
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