An Cafe Goes Sky Diving

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An Cafe Goes Sky Diving
Do you remember An Cafe's first major single? In August last year the band released "sennen DIVE!!!!!" - and took the title quite literally.

"sennen DIVE" can be translated as "thousand years dive" and with this title in mind the band made a promise: If the single can reach the Top10 of the Japanese Oricon Charts the members will go sky diving, jumping out of an airplane from the height of 1000m. Fans bought the CD and waited eagerly for the result and indeed: "sennen DIVE!!!!!" reached #8 of the Charts and the members kept their promise!

Below you can see a short part of the band's live held on August 5th, 2015 as well as them going sky diving! In case you wonder where you can watch the full version: it will be included on a new single that will hit the stores this year. There are no information on the single yet, neither a title nor a release date, but with this as special content fans have definitely something to look forward to.

Moreover, there is a new promise! Today An Cafe released its new single "JIBUN" for which we'll also show you the video below. In case "JIBUN" reaches the Top 10 they will go praying while sitting under waterfall.

We'll keep you updated on more information!
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