R-Shitei Forbidden to Perform at Nippon Budokan

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R-Shitei Forbidden to Perform at Nippon Budokan
Visual Kei band R-Shitei revealed today that they are not allowed to perform at one of Japan's most famous stages: Nippon Budokan.

If it is popular enough and its schedule allows it, a Visual Kei band usually goes on 47-prefecture tour after some time. But one live in each prefecture isn't enough for R-Shitei. At today's live they've announced to release a new single and then visit not only 47 cities on their tour but 88! Within five months, from March to August 2016, R-Shitei will make a stop in 88 cities all over the country and hold the tour final at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on August 22nd.

But the tour final wasn't planned to be held at Makuhari Messe. The band revealed at the live today that actually they wanted to perform at one of Japan's most famous halls: at Nippon Budokan. A one man live in this hall is another big dream of probably every Visual Kei band - one that will most likely never come true for R-Shitei.

The band wanted to book the hall for its tourfinal in August but the response was that with that band name and these songs they won't be able to stand on this famous stage - ever. "R-Shitei" (R指定) means "Rated R" in English and many songs of the band are about death and similar topics. They were told that titles like "Seishun ha wrist cut" (= "youth is a wrist cut") or "tomodachi wo koroshimashita" (="I've killed my friends") are that type of songs that is not allowed to be performed there. It seems like it's not the whole sentence and context but the words "killing" and "wrist cut" in general.
Fans came up with the argument that many other bands have performed songs of the same topic at Nippon Budokan. An example is Golden Bomber that performed "moto kare korosu" (="I'll kill your ex-boyfriend") at Budokan as well.
Another argument fans pointed out is that in the end R-Shitei's songs might have topics like suicide but also encouraging ones.

Due to the current rules this lifetime-dream of standing on stage of Nippon Budokan won't come true for the members of R-Shitei. But there is another argument fans bring up: In fact R-Shitei already stood on stage of Budokan in 2013. Not for its own live but as part of a live presented by Japanese band SID. So maybe one day the rules will be changed completely and standing on this stage won't be just an exception as part of a festival for R-Shitei? Time will show.
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