[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews R-Shitei

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[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews R-Shitei
In time for the release of R-Shitei's new album “少女喪失-syojosoushitsu” today we can give you some exclusive details on the new CD! Vocalist Mamo took the time to explain to the readers of JPopAsia what this album is about and what you can expect if you haven't gotten your hands on it yet.

JPA: Today we have our first interview with R-Shitei. Please introduce yourself and tell us a movie you’ve watched within the past days!
Mamo: We are R-Shitei, a Visual Kei band being active in Japan. Nice to meet you. A movie I’ve watched lately is the live adaption of the Japanese Anime “Shingeki no Kyojin” [Attack on Titan]. In the end, it made me think that maybe an anime isn't something that should be made into a live-action movie.

JPA: Before being active as R-Shitei you were active as R-15. Why did you choose “R-Shitei” (engl.: R-rated) in the end?
Mamo: It was an intuitive feeling. By the influence of adults we were active under the name R-15 but somehow we felt like that held us down.

JPA: Today, on October 28th, you release your new album “少女喪失-syojosoushitsu-“ (engl.: Loss of being a girl). The title sounds rather bitter and sad. Please give us an insight on the album concept.
Mamo: While living our lifes we’re losing things every single day. I thought: “Couldn’t [a title like this] express this pain and importance?”

JPA: “少女喪失-syojosoushitsu” will be R-Shitei’s 4th full album. What is different to the albums you’ve already released?
Mamo: I think we could definitely aim at doing what we wanted to do. Even more than before.

JPA: How did you decide for the new PV concept and location?
Mamo: It was a place I already went to before and artists I liked already played there.

JPA: This album features R-Shitei’s first Christmas song. Fans are probably wondering what a Christmas song by R-Shitei sounds like. Please tell us a bit about the lyrics and why you decided to record a Christmas song this year.
Mamo: It’s about a world view I would usually not write about. But it’s a special extra-CD, so we were able to do it. I think it’s nice if you think of it as a little Christmas present for all of you.

JPA: Which is the song you’re proud of the most from the new album?
Mamo: This is a common answer but… probably all of them.

JPA: At lives, which is the songs you like the most?
Mamo: Ballads

JPA: After releasing your 3rd album “VISUAL IS DEAD“ you started wearing a bit less Visual Kei-like outfits but this time they are very Visual Kei-like again. Is there a special reason for the change?
Mamo: There isn’t really one. We chose the outfits in a way so that they suited our way of seeing the world that time the best.

JPA: R-Shitei will go on its "seishun no yami" tour as of October 31st. Please tell us three things that you will take along with you in your luggage!
Mamo: If I have my wallet, my phone and cigarettes I’m fine.

JPA: JPopAsia is an English site, so there will be many foreigners reading this article. Of course your oversea fans want to see you live but many of them won’t be able to go to Japan for various reasons. What do you think about an oversea tour? Are there any plans for it?
Mamo: Right now there aren’t but it would be nice to go.

JPA: R-Shitei’s lyrics are often about the daily life of Japanese young people. Is there any feedback from oversea fans regarding the lyrics?
Mamo: Sometimes we get feedback. They simply say that they like it. I wonder how the youth abroad is. I think in Japan there are many people with mental illness.

JPA: Which kind of country would you choose to go abroad?
Mamo: A country with public safety would be nice.

JPA: In the end, please give a message for your oversea fans!
Mamo: I think it would be nice to go on a tour abroad sooner or later, so that time I want you to remember that you've read this interview and think “Ah, it’s the guy from that time!” and come and see us. Please remember us!

JPA: Thank you very much for answering our questions!


R-Shitei's album "少女喪失-syojosousitsu-" dropped today, on October 28th, in three different types. Unfortunately Type B and C have been delayed due to production problems but they will hit the stores on November 4th. Type A has been released as planned today. You can check out the track lists here and previews of the songs and the PV here.
If you're in Japan this winter and are interested in R-Shitei you should definitely check out the band's tour schedule. They will kick off this tour this Halloween in Kumamoto and will hold the tour final on January 11th at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.

And for everyone not being able to go to R-Shitei's live there's still good news: Mamo has started using twitter. Right now it seems like this is just for a limited period of time and he has tweeted only in Japanese so far but if you're interested you can still take a look at it here!
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