Masaki Aiba & Erika Sawajiri to Co-Star in New Fuji TV Drama

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Masaki Aiba & Erika Sawajiri to Co-Star in New Fuji TV Drama
Arashi's Masaki Aiba and actress Erika Sawajiri is set to co-star in Fuji TV's Spring 2015 drama "Youkoso, Waga Ie e". It will be an anticipating television series, having two of the most popular Japanese artists together in one drama for the first time.

The story takes after Jun Ikeido's original novel of the same title which features the life of 'Kenta Kurata', a commercial designer and the eldest son in the Kurata family which goes through a stalking harassment. As Kenta goes on a search to find out who the stalker is, a fierce and straight-to-the-point magazine reporter played by Sawajiri helps him in his quest.

Sawajiri's character is not in the original novel, so it will be a new kind of twist in the story. Other actors that will appear in the series are Akira Terao, who will play Kenta's father, Kaho Minami as his mother, and Kasumi Arimura as his younger sister.

The Getsu 9 drama airs this coming April.
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