U-KISS' Dongho Leaves the Group

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U-KISS' Dongho Leaves the Group
NH Media has shockingly announced that U-KISS member Dongho will be leaving the group. According to the company, the idol does not believe that his health is well enough to be a celebrity.

In a statement, the company said, "Dongho will be absent from team promotions starting with U-KISS' new album which will be released this month, and he will be putting a hold on his activities as a celebrity.

"Starting from the beginning of this year, Dongho's determination about being active as a celebrity weakened, and he has revealed that he doesn't believe his health condition and stamina fit well with the life of a singer," they revealed. "After a long discussion with his parents, we have decided to accept their decision [...] Dongho expressed that he wanted to live a normal life rather than that of a celebrity."

They concluded their statement by saying, "Although the decision of Dongho's departure from the group is one that causes harm to the team's activities, the members have all decided to accept this change as well [...] Although we feel burdened by the empty spot, the group will release a new album as scheduled as six members."

The young idol has had a health scare in the past, as he was rushed to the hospital due to complications with his lungs. However, since his condition improved, many believed that he would continue on as normal.

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