[Album Review] Namie Amuro's "FEEL"

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[Album Review] Namie Amuro's
Quote by Namie Amuro
I need you loving me
To make me feel alive

Namie Amuro's 11th studio album, titled "FEEL", opens with the track "Alive". The song's chorus include the above lyrics. Well Namie, looks like you should be feeling alive, because this album is definitely making me love you.

Like much of pop music these days, "FEEL" is an electropop album, following in the footsteps of many pop artists these days who are heavily influenced by the sounds of Electron Dance Music. From the dance anthem "Alive" to the more trendy sounds of "Poison", the album's use of electronic elements is decidedly pop, allowing them to enhance the sound instead of sounding like a trance-track with vocals overlaid on top. Only a few tracks feel like they couldn't have existed before the EDM movement, either because they're too trance-like or because of the use of tasteful dubstep. Those who aren't a fan of EDM will still find themselves attracted to "FEEL".

For those who do love EDM, this album is for you too. Most of the album is very danceable. In fact, the beat to several of the songs are so infectious that you'll find yourself involuntarily dancing. You'll feel the beat in your whole body, compelling you to move. One track in particular, "Alive", deserves to be an international club sensation. The song is sung entirely in easy-to-understand English, making it easily accessible to Western audiences. The only bad thing about the song is that it starts the album on the highest note, with none of the other songs being quite as good.

Despite no track being as good as "Alive", the bar was set very high with the song, and many of the others reach almost as high as well. "FEEL" does not suffer from filler ballads. The slower songs and ballads at the end of the album don't feel like they were put in to fill in space. They're all standout tracks in their own right and serve to bring the album to a calm close.

Typically when albums get reviewed, I like to discuss some of its flaws to give a thorough look at the album as a whole. While there are some weird lyric choices here and there, and some of the electronic elements were questionable, overall there's almost nothing to complain about. The transitions flow, the song selection is fantastic, everything just works.

Namie has been one of the biggest names in the J-pop industry for nearly two decades now, and its no surprise. The singer's sound has evolved with time, always remaining relevant to music industry's trends while still keeping her unique flavor of music. "FEEL" shows why the singer remains a force to be reckoned with after all these years.

The Good

- Every song is good

- "Alive" is the hottest dance track of the summer

- EDM was done in a way that sounded more poppy than usual, yet was still danceable

The Bad

- A few odd lyrics in a couple of songs


4.5 our of 5


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