INTERVIEW: Japanese Rock Band Yousei Teikoku

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INTERVIEW: Japanese Rock Band Yousei Teikoku
Q: For people who haven’t seen or don’t know of you, can you describe the type of music you play, and the concept of the band?

Yui: The main musical focus of the band is rock music. The band is based around the leader her highness Yui, while the rest of the band are her followers.

Q: When introducing someone to you, is there a song you recommend they listen to, to get the best understanding of your music?

Yui: That’s a hard question. But, I think the Mirai Nikki opening “Kuusou Mesorogiwi” gives a good interpretation for who we are.

Q: You’ve done quite a few anime openings. How does it feel to hear your music on a show that people all over the world know and love?

Yui: Originally, we thought we weren’t well known all over the world. We are only just realizing we have so many fans!

Q: This was your first concert outside of Japan. Was there a difference between the American audience and the Japanese audience?

Yui: I think fans all show the same passion and energy, there really isn’t a difference.

Q: I’ve seen a lot of people asking for you to come and perform where they live. Are there any plans for you to perform outside of Japan?

Yui: Personally, I would like to go and perform in Scandinavian Countries, France, and Germany. We have a lot of European influences.

Q: Did you ever think you would have the opportunity to perform outside of Japan?

Yui: When I think about it, I never thought that my dream would come true one day! I really appreciate this opportunity to come and perform here.

Q: Your 15th year anniversary is quickly approaching. When you first started did you ever think you would be continuing after 15 years?

Yui: To be honest 15 years ago it was only me and another member. So I didn’t for see the future, and what we are now. Right now we define our own style. And I feel satisfied with this.

Q: You recently released a new album PAX VESANIA, was there a concept for it?

Yui: We incorporated Steam Punk, which is well known outside of Japan as well into this album. We put a little more metal into it, to go with the steam punk theme.

Q: Are there any musical inspirations you draw from when creating music? Who do you look up to?

Yui: We really don’t have anyone to look up to. But we want to be the “who” people look up to. We want to be eye opening for other people! We want to be an inspiration!

Q: I’ve seen a Facebook for you guys, is it official? And if it is, do you like to communicate to your fans through it?

Yui: Yes, that is the official Facebook. And we love to communicate to our fans through it!

Q: I could be reading too much into this. But I have watched quite a few live videos on YouTube for you. And I noticed that you (Yui) wear a red streak in your hair in a lot of the videos. Does that have any importance?

Yui: Maybe it does have a meaning. But I’m not ready to tell that yet.

Q: When creating an anime opening, do people contact you and ask for you to create an opening for the show?

Yui: Usually the process is, we will be contacted by someone else. We want to do openings for anime we love. But as of now have not been given the opportunity to do so.

Q: Do you think having your songs as anime openings makes the music more well-known and accessible to other people?

Yui: Yes of course it does. When we were creating music, if we were just to make a regular album, we would not be as well-known as we are now. Since we have the opportunity to work with anime themes, it gives us a chance to increase our popularity.

Q: Do you have any messages to your fans all over the world?

Yui: We have always had concerts, and activities in Japan, but performing at Anime Boston really made us realize how many fans (Yui refers to them as “Humans”) are out there. We are looking into ways to perform in other countries in the future! And we are looking forward to meeting you!

Thank-You very much to all the members of Yousei Teikoku for taking the time out of there busy schedule to sit down for this one on one interview. It was an honor and a pleasure!
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