Ga In Uncomfortable With PSY's "Gentleman" MV

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Ga In Uncomfortable With PSY's
PSY's latest music video "Gentleman" exhibited plenty of sexual imagery. Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In, who was featured in the video, was made uncomfortable by participating in the sexual acts.

Ga In talked about her feelings about the video during a recent interview. The idol picked one scene as being particularly bothersome.

"The part where I eat a fish cake on a skewer really affected me emotionally. Honestly, the combination of fish cake and mayonnaise didn't good taste good anyway, and people interpreted it as an adult joke. I've had a lot of trouble because of it. I can't eat anything long like hot dogs anymore," she stated.

Ga In also felt embarrassed by a scene where she danced on a pole as though she were a stripper.

"People gave me funny looks, even from afar. I was so embarrassed throughout the shoot," she said.

Although she was uncomfortable her pole dancing for the music video, Ga In stated that she enjoys doing it as an exercise because it keeps her flexible and tones her body at the same time.
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