Ga In's Nipple Exposed In PSY's "Gentleman" Music Video

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Ga In's Nipple Exposed In PSY's
PSY has caught the attention of the world as people look to his new single and music video "Gentleman" to see if he can recapture the success of "Gangnam Style", but Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In, the woman featured in the video, may be stealing some of the spotlight due to a brief nip slip in the video.

At around the 1:51 mark of the video, Ga In, wearing a low cut dress with a lace top, holds onto a support beam as she walks around it. For a brief second, part of her right nipple becomes exposed, flashing the audience without most of them realizing it.

With the nip slip being so brief and only visible during freeze-frames, it is uncertain whether any editing to the video will be done to remove the accident.

"Gentleman" has received mixed to good reviews so far. While many don't think the song or the video are as good as "Gangnam Style", many still find the track to be catchy.
Source: jpopasia.com
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