PSY To Begin Promoting "Gangnam Style" In South America

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PSY To Begin Promoting
After months of promoting "Gangnam Style" in Asia, North America and Europe, PSY's next stop on his global campaign will be South America.

While the song may have been released last July, "Gangnam Style" is apparently experiencing a delayed reaction in South America as he receives calls to perform in the region. "There has been a delayed response from South America, so it looks like I'll have to promote more," the rapper stated.

PSY has been invited to participate in a carnival in Brazil in February, prompting the rapper to decide to do some promotions in South America. "I could sing 'Oppa Samba Style' at the festival," PSY joked.

PSY, who has been promoting "Gangnam Style" since July of 2012, originally planned on ending promotions for the song after his New Years Eve performance, but due to continued interest in the song will continue his promotions while at the same time working on his next album.
Source: jpopasia.com
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