Tackey Can Get Married Without Telling Johnny Kitagawa First

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Tackey Can Get Married Without Telling Johnny Kitagawa First
Johnny Kitagawa has stated that Tackey & Tsubasa member Hideaki Takizawa could get married without informing him first, taking a totally different approach with him than he did with Jin Akanishi.

Tackey & Tsubasa celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2012, the same year Takizawa turned 30. When reporters asked about the singer's marriage plans, he responded, "There aren't any plan yet, but I definitely want to eventually."

"Tackey can get married without asking us. He has the freedom to do whatever he wants, he deserves it," Kitagawa responded.

The free approach to marriage stands in stark contrast to Kitagawa's stance a year ago when Jin Akanishi made a surprise announcement that he had married Meisa Kuroki in what many considered to be a shotgun wedding. After not disclosing his wedding plans to Kitagwa, Akanishi was severely punished by the president.

Kitagawa demonstrated his new hands off approach once again as Takizawa does more behind the scenes work in the hopes of becoming a film director or manager in the future. The president will not be interfering in the singer's endeavors.
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