Oh Yeon Seo And Lee Jang Woo Begin Dating, "We Got Married" Unsure Of Show's Future

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Oh Yeon Seo And Lee Jang Woo Begin Dating,
It has been revealed that actors Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo are dating!

The two currently star in the MBC drama "Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming", and just like their on screen characters, they have started to develop feelings for each other in real life as well.

Oh Yeon Seo's agency confirmed the news, saying, "It seems they are currently getting to know each other and started seeing each other about a month ago."

Oh Yeon Seo is also known for starring as MBLAQ member Lee Joon's wife in the variety show "We Got Married". One staff member stated, "This is the first time while filming 'We Got Married' that a relationship scandal has been reported."

The "We Got Married" staff also said that the Oh Yeon Seo - Lee Joon couple may not be joining the other "We Got Married" couple for filming next week. "Next week, we had planned to film the three couple together. As of the current situation, we can no longer confirm that will be the case," they stated

After she revealed her relationship status, many fans went to the MBC website viewer board to express their opinions, many of them requesting the couple be removed from the show or for Lee Joon to receive a new partner.

What do you think it will be the outcome of this scandal? Do you think the couple will be dropped from "We Got Married"? Or will they continue like nothing happened?
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