Jackie Chan's 'Kiss Scene' With Wife in CZ12

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Jackie Chan's 'Kiss Scene' With Wife in CZ12
According to Jackie Chan, he started persuading his wife to star in his latest flick "CZ12" since last year until she finally gave in. On condition that back view shots of her are mainly taken.



Also fans get to catch a 'full frontal' glimpse of her in a scene (perhaps during the end movie credits) where, Joan gave Jackie a big hug and he kissed her. Most netizens found this to be a 'rare' off-screen affectionate display between them. Finally, closing the scene by declaring his love for her - "She is my biggest idol!"


For those who doesn't know Joan Lin - Also known as Lin Feng Jiao, she is a Taiwanese actress who retired from showbiz 30 years ago. She won Best Actress in the "16th Golden Horse Awards" (1979).
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