Nana Mizuki Sings Theme Song For New Video Game "Shining Ark"

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Nana Mizuki Sings Theme Song For New Video Game
Nana Mizuki will be singing a new song, "Kiseki no Melodia", as the theme song for the upcoming video game "Shining Ark".

The new video game is an RPG style game centered around Fried and Panis. Fried finds Panis in danger and saves her life. After taking her back to his village, it is soon discovered that Panis has special powers that makes plants grow and animals gather around her when she sings. Danger continues to follow her though, and it is up to the villagers to defend her.

The new game will be released this winter on the PlayStation Portable.

"Kiseki no Melodia" will be part of the singer's new album "Rockbound Neighbors", though it is unclear if it will be released as a single.
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