Stereopony To Disband

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Stereopony To Disband
Unfortunately, it was officially announced on Tuesday that the Japanese band, Stereopony, are going to disband. The band will be holding a concert on October 6 at Tokyo's Shibuya Club Quattro and talk with their fans about the breakup.

Due to vocalist Aimi's throat polyp surgery, the band was previously on a one month break. As for the rest of the band, drummer Shiho and bassist Nohana, chose to use this time off to go abroad to study music. Following the break, the three members discussed the roads they wanted to take next and arrived at the conclusion that it was best for them to disband.

The three members will individually still continue with music. Shiho and Nohana will be releasing a new single on October 24 with musician Evan Taubenfeld under "Evanpony."
Source: jpopasia.com
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