"Gangnam Style" Dance Competition Becomes Dangerous In Bangkok

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50 bullets were fired by two teenage gangs with a long-standing feud in the very middle of Bangkok on Friday morning after they argued during a "Gangnam Style" dance competition.

This argument between two rival groups took place on Ekamai Soi 30 at 8am and even if many cars parked were damaged no one was injured.

As said by an inspector, those teenagers from Bangkok's Makkasan district had been confronting each other from a very long time. As both gang members are known by the same police, they are expected to seek some arrest warrants after inspecting firearms and crime scene.

One of the teenagers told his version of the happened to the police: while they all were partying at an entertainment venue in Phet Phraram area, they started competing against them in "Gangnam Style" dance. They all began to quarrel as the competition got more intense and one of the groups left the place to return some time later to shoot some bullets into the sky at 6am.

Then.."Three of them later returned about 8am and they shot bullets in all directions like in action movies. I and other people were running for our lives", the guy said.

Another teenager told police that his friends and the attackers were provoking each other by doing Gangnam Style dance moves: "I thought the issue was ended but the other group refused to and decided to fire at us while we were unprepared"

Meanwhile PSY, who didn't release any comment about the matter, continues promoting himself in the US while meeting a lot of American idols such as one of his favorite singers Jon Bon Jovi, as reported by the same PSY on his Official Twitter.
Check his photo with Jon HERE.
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