Lolita 23q’s Ryosuke Starts Solo Project

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Lolita 23q’s Ryosuke Starts Solo Project
Yesterday, on September 18th, Lolita 23q’s Ryosuke started his solo project “WING WORKS”!

Only three days ago Lolita 23q hold their last live before going on indefinite hiatus. Bassist Ryosuke decided to not waste time but to stay active! His first album titled "「STAR GAZER MEMORY」hoshi no kioku tadoreba kimi ni_" will be released on December 26th and will cost 2940 Yen. Also his first live was already announced! It still takes some time but it will be on January 20th.

The theme of Ryosuke’s project is “THE HYBRID SHOCK MUSIC” and he describes it as mix of rock and electro. Actually Ryosuke used to play the bass but on his official website he also uploaded a picture of himself holding a microphone. So his bass play might be not the only thing fans can look forward to!
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