Hwayoung Tweets About Eunjung's Drama Scandal

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Hwayoung Tweets About Eunjung's Drama Scandal
Former T-ara member Hwayoung felt sorry about Eunjung's drama controversy and asked for forgiveness from her fans for having created such troubles.

Posting her thoughts on her Twitter account, she broke her silence on August 28th. "Having come across articles about Eunjung unni's leave from her drama, my heart felt uneasy... However, with the stories about bullying growing worse, my heart was in pain. Both sides have also been really upset and hurt by those who let the matter grow," she commented.

Hwayoung continued by talking about the good times they had together. "There were times, while we were all under one roof, when I was happy. That's why I want to forget about the past and want us to cheer each other on with smiles on our faces," she wrote

What are your thoughts about Hwayoung behavior?
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