ICONIQ Admits To Getting In Bed With GACKT

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ICONIQ Admits To Getting In Bed With GACKT
During a press conference for "Salon Model Award Japan 2012", ICONIQ admitted to getting in bed with rock star GACKT.

Rumors began circulating at the end of June that GACKT and ICONIQ were dating. While the two have not officially announced their relationship, they have both hinted at it.

On June 28th during a press conference for his play "MOON SAGA ~Yoshitsune Hiden~", GACKT was asked about his relationship with ICONIQ. He responded, "I'll ask her in bed next time."

On July 10th, reporters referenced that interview, asking ICONIQ if he had asked her about it in bed. She told the reporters that he had.

"I'll leave it up to your imagination, but I like him very much," she confessed.
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