G.NA Prefers Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

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G.NA Prefers Bad Boys Over Nice Guys
G.NA was a guest on the June 16th episode of MBC's "Quiz That Changes The World". During the talk show, the females guests talked about their ideal type of man. G.NA surprised the audience when she revealed that she likes bad boys better than nice guys.

"I'm the type who is more attracted to bad boys than nice guys. I think if he's too nice, there will be lots of girls around him, which is why I am more attracted to bad boys," she explained.

Ahn Moon Sook, another guest on the show, shared in her sentiments.

While the two young stars both want a bad boy, the show's older, more mature MC Park Mi Sun warned them against the appeal of bad boys. "Bad boys are like unhealthy food. It may taste good, but it's not good for you," she said.

"As time passes, you will realize how precious nice boys are," Lee Kyung Shil added.
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