MYNAME Aims to be Like SMAP

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MYNAME Aims to be Like SMAP
South Korean group- MYNAME - recently held a press conference for their Japanese debut. The 5-member group talks about their admiration on two Johnny's group- SMAP and Arashi.

The Kpop group, who will be debuting in Japan with their single - "Message", said that they aim to be like SMAP. They also added that SMAP's charm and individuality are one of the reasons why they want to be like the famous Jpop group.

Aside from SMAP, the group's rapper- Se Yong also mentioned that Arashi is his favorite group. He said that just like MYNAME, Arashi is also a 5-member group and he really admires Jun Matsumoto.

MYNAME debuted in Korea last year with "Message", they hope that the Japanese would cheer them on and would love the message of the song.

"Message" will be released on July 25th.
Source: jpopasia.com
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