JYJ's Kim Junsu Releases 1st Album Teaser

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JYJ's Kim Junsu Releases 1st Album Teaser
Xiah Junsu's 1st Album teaser was released by CJeS entertainment on JYJ's YouTube Channel on April 24. The description of the YouTube video gives an indepth explaination of the video including compliments from the music director and choreographer.

'The title "UNEQUALLED" represents Kim Junsu's unique creativity and identity, penetrating into the overall concept of the album.'

"Kim Junsu is a world-class artist. He is a leader among numerous idols and what he picks turn to a trend. The ideas for this album distinctive in that the hairstyle shows various colors that represent a series of feelings covered by one song. It also features Orient's emotional base and a hint of the West" said the hair and makeup director.

The costume stylist descibes the features of Junsu's stage clothes: "Attention to details added to the foundation of on-trend see-through look and slim suit design. Geometric patterns and modern materials realize a 'modern heritage' concept that mixes and matches the modern trends and heritages."

"At a word, Kim Junsu is a triple threat, which refers to an individual proficient in the disciplines of acting, singing, and dancing represented by Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. His world-class talents are limitless. I used many hard-edge movements corresponding to his music, and as always, Junsu did wonders" says Jeri Slaughter, the choreographer of JYJ's worldwide album.

The music video director praises Junsu: "this video has been designed to incorporate his tremendous energy and dreamlike, abstract feelings. The perfect harmony between sets and choreography created a fervent and exquisite visual."

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