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en2 is a boy who signed up 6 years ago. He owns some Jpops (276) and was last seen here about 5 months ago

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About me

Let me begin this by saying, "Rendy is my name."
I'm Asian by the way, and thus I speak Chinese, English, Hokkien (or some may say this is Fujian hua), and of course my country's language.
"I'm taking my degree right now, but going to graduate soon."
Well, that seems my old line, but I have graduated now.
Looking forward to my Master, but currently will stick around some businesses.
I'm not playing violin, but I'm playing Piano and Harmonica (though I must say that I'm not that kind of experts in these things, but well, I play fine).
I'm basically joining JPA to find friends.
I already find some (not really some in fact, just a few), but looking for more.
So, let us be friends. I won't bite. :)

That's an old avy by the way. ;)

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