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What are you doing right now?

ct1992 is a girl who signed up 5 years ago. She owns large sums of Jpops (30,033) and was last seen here about 3 years ago

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About me

An Aussie in love with J-music for over 13 years~
...I'm not that old, am I? ._.

My favorite artists and albums

~Bump of Chicken
~Funky Monkey Babys
~Galileo Galilei
~One Ok Rock
~Oochi Masahiro
~Orange Range
~Porno Graffitti
~Sayuri Sugawara
~Utada Hikaru
~Yuya Matsushita

How do I spend my free time

~Listening to music~Watching tv shows~Reading~Hanging out with friends~Playing video games~Drawing~Sleeping~

My favorite movies

~The Lion King~All Marvel Comics movies~Robin Hood: Men in Tights~Zoolander~Disney~Studio Ghibli~Princess Bride~

My favorite series

~Liar Game~11 nin mo iru~Bloody Monday~Nodame Cantabile~Last Friends~Sunao ni Narenakute~ Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack~Chowder~Better off Ted~Simpsons~Futurama~Ouran~Hetalia~Kuroshitsuji~Fruits Basket~Rurouni Kenshin~Inuyasha~Hana Yori Dango~Japanese variety shows~Awkward~Arakawa Under the Bridge~Kyo Kara Maoh~Excel Saga~Gintama~Nobuta wo Produce~Spicks and specks~Iron Chef~Mythbusters~Middleman~Arrested Development~Hanakimi~Powerpuff Girls~Spongebob~Pushing Daisies~Eurovision~Sailor Moon~Digimon~Community~Adventure Time~Dexter~Chuck~Gruen Transfer~Art Attack~Scrubs~South Park~Fairly Odd Parents~Daria~Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends~Wonderfalls~Good News Week~Good Game~How I Met You Mother~The Colbert Report~Fushigi Yuugi~

Things I like

Not too picky bout much...

Things I dislike

People who piss me off :p

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