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  • Akemua wrote on his wall - again sorry for the late reply,i usually go days before even getting on my computer, and even when i do it's usually just to look something up. but anyway that's awesome,it's always nice to hear that someone is doing well ^_^

  • Brad7986 CalledPlanfanatic Hey, how are u!?!?!?!! :3

  • WinglessAngel14 KazuniUchiha It was awesome! :3 They had great food, the dancers were awesome, and just it was so cool :D I got to dance with some dancers ; w ;

  • Nightgaze KazeRani Hello~! Welcome to JPA! Feel free to write on my wall if you wanna talk :D

  • Zeina weebllikespie Hahahaha I'm glad. Impressive, I am not surprised though. You strike me as a clever and intuitive person. WHOA! Congratulations!!! That is awesome. High-five! Well, I'm not worried in the least. I'm sure you'll pull through just fine. Sigh, I missed the s...

  • Mitsubachi wrote on her wall - thanks for sharing :)

  • heart9 added a new kanji/hangul lyric Are You Ready?(준비됐나요)

  • KazuniUchiha 1crazy4drama Well I've found my passion I just don't have the resources right now. I'm trying to move ,but again resources come in to play. Haha yea I have that feeling almost everyday. :D And it feels like when I can't just skip town(because of responsibilities) I just want to be alone s...

  • 1crazy4drama KazeRani What other groups do you like?

  • MariyaEru Keayahhs we have one officially language: Filipino. But other provinces have their own dialect, like Cebuano, Ilongo, Waray... I speak Bicolano, but only a little since I didn't really grew up on my province.

  • 1crazy4drama KazuniUchiha Yes I have had that feeling of wanting to escape and not look back. I think everyone experiences it at least once in their lives if not more. You know you have a friend you can talk to and rely on when you are overwhelmed.

  • KazeRani wrote on her wall - Thanks Taemin. Haha.

  • Ducksoda Hazukikun at the moment all my music me playing guitar and singing seeing as though i donnot have a band :( And i too hope that i will be able to play in a band again :)

  • KazuniUchiha NaYn Don't be sad we will find a way to upload a gif as your icon lol. O:) Like I said I will help you.

  • Nightgaze Sojubae Okay~ So how are you today?

  • KazuniUchiha NaYn Aw still not working? Hum It should of worked did you try my latest suggestion? Like finding your gif off of (google) and saving it to a private folder on your computer and then uploading it on JPA. The same steps that you take when you want to upload a icon pic. O:) Anyway I will keep on assisting ...

  • yukisakura nanobanana Oh I will give u the link so far she has write three chapters.

  • Mitsubachi is now friends with MML

  • Rizu Mitsubachi Oh things like family affairs and chores as well with other things. :)

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