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  • matsumatsujikan26 added a new kanji/hangul lyric Platinum no secret ( プラチナのシークレット )

  • Reighle13 auroracristate It'll pass sometime soon :3 and You're welcome

  • cherrytitaniasparkles shadownights99 And this is why you are an awesome friend!! I have friend another friend like you. She doesn't judge and she always says she loves me and will pray for me my babies and our happiness. I tell ppl she is my sister b/c if all that. So u better not ever change ok? Lolz!!!

  • K4R1N4 just bought a house in the 5urprise neighborhood in From My Heart street for 250 Jpops

  • 1crazy4drama Lunatic I made spinach/sweet potato taco, guacamole, black beans and rice.

  • ParisaWong Ivannasan Welcome to JPA! ^_^

  • Maai15 eenoki Hehe... thanks you too have nice day :D

  • pinktopaz just bought a house in the Ju Bi neighborhood in Green Light(그린 라이트)With Ra.D street for 250 Jpops

  • SilentAssassin Ivannasan Hello, welcome to JPA! Hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

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