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  • Ellieisbored wrote on her wall - ubhnfuhhbedjzcgfhjkxzncxjhf *dead*

  • prozacbld just bought a house in the G.Soul neighborhood in You street for 250 Jpops

  • SilentAssassin Keirayoruichi Haha awesome, but you also like Bou-san, right? o:

  • kellyamorim Zerovsk Hey, hey, pessoa! Como você está?..

  • Hazukikun Mayrena stimmt o= noch ein grund selbstmord zu begehen xDDD <- schlechter scherz :P ich bin halt von natur aus dumm, Senpai :P kann sein, kann aber auch nicht sein, weiß ich nicht :o

  • Mayrena Hazukikun Naja du hast keine Angst mehr das dir was passieren könnte da du ja tot bist 😂 Hazu stell dich nicht dümmer als du bist ;) Btw habe ich dir eig das Bild mit dem fertigen kelch mal geschickt? Mein Gedächtnis lässt mich nur im Stich 😂

  • justmemynewfriend wrote on her wall - after two weeks of vacation on the beach, no wi fi, I went back, and found that wifi is better than sand ... I hate the skin is burning

  • Ellieisbored KittyKai Welcome to the magical world of JPA! I hope you have fun and feel free to chat any time~ :)

  • Hazukikun CloudStrifey awwwwwwwwwwww <3 yea, everyone can make photos everywhere :/ definitely >.< awww ok if you say so c: awww thank you so much, I really hope so and really hope that I will be able to do this apprenticeship :) and I am glad that you are glad :D well as long as I can write with you and my...

  • lheijhoy appetizingvomit hi welcome to jpa ^_^ hope you enjoy it here.. O:)

  • Hazukikun lackykpop yea, one definitely wants to start crying because of that :( I see, so this is why you seem to be a very great person :) no problem, everything for my friends :D

  • lheijhoy Nightgaze of course because you're going to make sure of that ne?? ;) i know right?? Uruha did look really nice in the invisible wall pv so that's not a really surprise at all.. well after pushing her to pick someone aside from Uruha, she ended up saying 'i think the guy with nose...

  • joanimax kanami1414 Sorry for late reply, from mauritius

  • Lunatic Vale409 It´s okay Vale-chan :) How you´ve been lately?

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