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  • TamakiKurusu Lunatic That's good to hear. Mine was also good thank you for asking. :) How are you going?

  • Lunatic TamakiKurusu My weekend was good... yours?

  • Mamushisama Hazukikun And I'm glad - copy/paste here - . . . :P

  • CreativeJoker kanami1414 Different kind of music! xD Persian, arabic, indian, a bit of turkish and afghan, most middle eastern culturrel music ^^ I also like some japanese too ^^

  • cataleptik wrote on his wall - merci, je ne peux pas vous dire combien je vous remercie de me suivre. parce que je ne peux pas comprendre comment faire le type énorme ... donc au lieu ... je ai eu la chance de recevoir très bon mentorat d'inventer, de marketing et de l'archite...

  • RedShade kanami1414 No I haven't seen that on yet. Is it any good?

  • iBB2SLAY1VIP wrote on her wall -

  • celloadict kanami1414 Probably cheesecake, that stuff is legitimate.

  • kanami1414 Nightgaze Same here~ Right now my life is kinda boring :P What are you doing?

  • SilentAssassin Hazukikun Hehe yeah, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hazu-kun xDDDD Hehe yup :P Ahaha nu, you xDDD :D Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :D Yes :) But you don't believe me that you are cute, so idk if you trust me :( <3 xD ^w^ It's not a lie, it's true,...

  • Nightgaze CreativeJoker Oh I see~ That's cool~ So do you think you're gonna stick with this account? :P Oh cool~ The only one out of those that I listen to is An Cafe~

  • kanami1414 celloadict Ah okay~ Do you have a favorite type of cake?

  • Nightgaze kanami1414 Nothing is really new~ What about with you?

  • CreativeJoker Lunatic I am great, thanks! :D And you? ^^

  • celloadict kanami1414 Haha, well, back then, it was really easy to get Jpops, not difficult at all.

  • CreativeJoker Nightgaze My old username here, as i remember, was AsumiChan, but it was closed i supose. I created a new one with another username which i don't remember, and now totally forgot it, now i am here about ..Third time? I guess lol. xD Well, i know Kpop is really popular! And i know few asian a...

  • kanami1414 Nightgaze My day was good~ Anything new?

  • Divewing eminira Welcome to JPA!

  • CreativeJoker kanami1414 Great thanks, and you? ^^

  • kanami1414 celloadict I see~ You sure had a lot of Jpops in your old account. O_o

  • Divewing minturn Welcome to JPA!

  • kanami1414 Koushinkyo It's going well~ Are you looking forward to work?

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