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  • weebllikespie Lunatic Well... I'd tell you but the thing is I can't. It's classified information. :naughty:

  • Pandapple77 nanobanana Oh. I'm doing pretty good. Thanks. :) Yea Stereopony is awesome. Too bad they disbanded. :c I like your Hime Hime song from Yowapeda status btw. haha So funny.

  • prozacbld just bought shares in from bendigeidfran for 500 Jpops

  • Lunatic weebllikespie Oooohhh... go ahead and tell me :naughty:

  • bendigeidfran put shares for sale in LABOUM for 500 Jpops

  • Nightgaze OshareKeiLover lol not a lot is new but I have been listening to so many new bands lately :o What about you?

  • weebllikespie Lunatic Do you really wanna know what I do for fun on this site? ;)

  • Nightgaze leighLa Oh right I forgot about that! :P The original anime for Pokemon was my childhood~ I get so nostalgic just hearing the theme song for it :P Ha ha yeah~ It sounds like your mom overreacts to a lot of things :P Yeah~ I love the scream at the beginning :moved: Ha ha yeah~ Games like that are the ...

  • PurpleCocoa Heresyuruha Btw, I m on a major Tatsuya crash lately xD

  • Nightgaze nekomiminatsumi Oh I see~ Well having a lot of work to do still kinda sucks ne? That's good~ being able to manage your time properly is always a good start :D And sleep is always nice to have when you're in school :D It's alright~ I'm sure it wasn't intentional :) I understand that but...

  • PurpleCocoa Heresyuruha I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww those r already saved down on my phone soon after they came out!! It makes me want to luck my phone screen xDD

  • XxGENESISxX put shares for sale in Takemasa Kujou for 100 Jpops

  • mikah caz SUJU is back and this song is very different from their previous songs :)

  • Nightgaze sleeplacker21 Ha ha yeah~ I'm excited to get started on it :D Oh that's fine~ So I take it you like Jrock? What bands do you like?

  • Lunatic weebllikespie Responsibilities? You don´t say that you do this for fun? :naughty:

  • KimchiANDKpop weebllikespie YAYYYYYYYY RON FIGHTING!!!! How are you today?

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