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  • 1crazy4drama ParisaWong I hope you get to see them in concert in September

  • teddiez wrote on her wall -

  • ParisaWong wrote on her wall - I want to go~~~ ^ ^

  • 1crazy4drama teddiez He was 11/12 then in 6th grade!! A baby... Now a man--

  • ParisaWong Ala04 yeah.... I imagine kame sitting on the sofa and said "come here" with the hand gesture :P

  • 1crazy4drama teddiez Onew and Minho focus Macarena

  • pinktopaz is now friends with SuperJuniorTurtle

  • teddiez 1crazy4drama Haha Taemin before debut is SHOOOOO CUTEEEEEE <3 he keeps blinking his eyes while talking haha XDD

  • Ala04 ParisaWong i hope you can make it :) come here !!! concert kame-chan is calling you :)

  • Rukimichimoshikika Steffie I'm good :) You? Aww~! My picture didn't show up! :( Here you go! :D

  • K101 is now friends with Rukimichimoshikika

  • heart9 added a new kanji/hangul lyric Bapman Jal Meogdeola(밥만 잘 먹더라)

  • 1crazy4drama wrote on her wall - I wish I could send her a card and something did the baby but I know she just moved and I don't know her address~~ 😟

  • heart9 added a new kanji/hangul lyric Luv Star

  • ParisaWong Ala04 have not finalised yet, I hope I really can go! :D

  • 1crazy4drama KimchiANDKpop I guess you are doing your homework ~ good luck in finishing it and catching up

  • KimchiANDKpop yzemeT

  • 1crazy4drama wrote on her wall -

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