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  • Poboion Iqbaal1997 welcome to JPA enjoy !

  • lheijhoy wrote on her wall - well they pretty much described my top 2 favorite guys.. <3 pretty awesome.. kudos to whoever did these.. :)


  • MidnightBlue 0SilentSacrifice0 LOL the internet is the best distraction there is. ^^ It's the reason why I'm still not finished my homework even though I've been sitting here for an hour LOL.

  • Poboion wrote on her wall - Eli lilly

  • Heresyuruha lheijhoy No comment on this ?

  • Poboion wrote on her wall - Dongwoon !!!

  • MidnightBlue Temezy Jrock. ^^ I think they combine it with some other styles but I'm not too sure...

  • klanco wrote on his wall -

  • lheijhoy wrote on her wall - ang gondo gondo!! <3

  • Heresyuruha PurpleCocoa OMG and some chains to tie them up just in case hehe Bath tub full of chocolate omg We're gonna have fun hehe If ur not ready for kids I'll have them for ya About that don't forget the necessary things to avoid it hahaha tell them too lol

  • PurpleCocoa Heresyuruha those sounds cute already :D

  • Heresyuruha wrote on her wall - Y girls y !? I luv children and Kazuki and sugarU that much that I'm ready for all that !

  • PurpleCocoa Heresyuruha Of coz, some furry or bling hand cuffs, whip cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne, some rose petals, maybe blind fold and some boa :D how's it sound? ;)

  • Heresyuruha PurpleCocoa About the make up Just some eyeliner blue and black Lip gloss And that's it hehe

  • leighLa Heresyuruha kaaaay so I scrolled through your wall like a stalker trying to figure out what I last said to you. Alas, I have failed. You're too popular! lol So you done anything exciting since your breakfast this semi morning/afternoon?

  • Heresyuruha M0rA Lol taka huh U love him that much hehe

  • leighLa Heresyuruha I can understand that. And relate to that.

  • Heresyuruha wrote on her wall - Good news sister haha Oh and I can't watch it on this iPad XD can u tell both of the vids names

  • leighLa shadownights99 Hey girl. How are ya today? :) dont anything fun? or exciting? or epic? :D

  • Heresyuruha PurpleCocoa Whop cream huh I like it haha And plz take me shopping oh and don't forget the whop cream and some hand cuffs with puffs,chocolate fudge sauce,and aaaalllll that stuff

  • leighLa espeneko Have you preordered they're upcoming album? I like the preview of the song that they've released, but I'm not sure if it's something I really wanna sink my money into. It's hard to make a decision when you don't have much to support it. Kinda wanna hear some sampl...

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