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  • weebllikespie added a new kanji/hangul lyric You're My Only Shinin' Star 

  • SprinterXkyrie Giovana hi~ thanks for the friend request and the video you sent..:) do you like Akame Ga Kill??

  • Giovana is now friends with SprinterXkyrie

  • SprinterXkyrie LoveJapanmx Welcome to JPA! have fun here!

  • weebllikespie darksama LOL 'rules are meant to be broken'... that's like me 5 years ago, I call it teenage angst xD Haha it's for the best for everyone here I suppose xD

  • FlowersOfVanity Giovana That was very awesome the video you sent =)

  • Giovana is now friends with FlowersOfVanity

  • SprinterXkyrie ivy1412 Welcome to JPA! have fun here!

  • Zeina Giovana Well, it's amazing! Glad to hear it; nice to meet you too. I'm Zeina.

  • Giovana yukisakura Tuning: D - A - D - F - C - F. Original Song "Liar Mask" by Rika Mayama Anime: Akame ga Kill! 『アカメが斬る!』 left and right hand still adaptation with steel strings.. :D arr & covered by Izal Giovana

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