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What are you doing right now?

cherryblossom10 is a girl who signed up 5 years ago. She owns some Jpops (410) and was last seen here about 4 years ago

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True Fan of...

    About me

    My real name is Donna Li, but just call me Donna.
    I love to sing XD
    Hey Say Jump are the best that i sing and dance their songs in Facebook.
    I can't cook but I love to help :D (just a little experience right?)
    I plan to become a asain singer when I grow up but my parents doesn't let me... they say its just a hobby... but I don't give, I follow my dreams... and see if i can achieve it...
    I hate bugs and if I see one... I scream...

    My brain is like dead from all the school work today so I'll see if i have anymore to say and post it here :D Cya guys later ^_~

    My favorite artists and albums

    My favorite artists are Hey! Say! Jump!

    I am a JE (Johnny's Entertainment) fan... I listen to their band songs

    I do listen to a little bit of Korean... esp. SNSD :D

    How do I spend my free time

    I bascially sing everyday... I just love to sing and dance too, but i love to sing more... and I plan to become a singer anyway

    I'm also imaginative... so i write stories and post them on Facebook ^_~

    My favorite movies

    I don't really know...
    all the movies I watch are great :)

    My favorite series

    Things I like

    -Cleaning (I'm a neat freak)
    -Fashion (such as clothing)

    Maybe more... I'm out of ideas now

    Things I dislike

    -BUGS!!!! (NASTY)
    -mean people
    -me being short
    -Scary things

    I think there is some more... but I am out of ideas

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