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Chat with other stars

Talk directly with our GKP stars, share the fun in your life, make new friends and before you know, you are addicted ^^
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2. Spamming & Flooding are prohibited.

Threads/posts with no other intent but to advertise another site or product. Such threads/posts will be subject to deletion. If made repeatedly, the offender will be subject to an immediate ban.
Repetitive posting designed to disrupt or derail threads. Continual threads about the same topic would also be considered flooding.

3. The posting of bestiality links, images and videos are prohibited.

4. The posting of videos or images of animals being tortured or killed for the purposes of entertainment is strictly forbidden. Creating such videos for the purpose of posting on any part of will result in your immediate banning AND having any details we have passed on to the relevant authorities.

5. There are to be absolutely no child porn related links, images, text, videos, drawings, or cartoons. If you post child porn, your details can and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Threats to a member's child/ren, are strictly forbidden. Referring to others in a pedophilic manner is also prohibited. This will be dealt with harshly, and most likely will result in an immediate ban. Your IP and ISP information might well be passed on to your relevant local authority.

6. All posts must be written in the English language in exception for our language forums.

7. No posting of another member’s personal information without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to; real names, email addresses, telephone numbers, PMs private IM conversations, IM screen names and home addresses It does not matter if the member has posted this information themselves in the past. Member’s unseen personal photos are also forbidden to be posted without permission. However, if the photo was posted on in the past with permission from the owner, it is now in the public domain, you can do with it as you please.

8. No flaming, hate or racism in user profiles. This includes avatars, signatures, user names and all of the information contained on a member’s profile page.

9. No sexually explicit material in avatars.

10. Create threads in the proper sections. Those who continuously make threads in the wrong sections will be subject to warnings. This includes posting threads in the wrong section as a joke.

11. Links to warez, downloadable copyrighted material, and software "cracks" are not permitted. Attachments containing such materials are likewise forbidden. Making requests for such material is also prohibited and all will result in a ban.

12. Signatures are permitted, as long as they do not containg flaming, hate or racism.

13. Do not intentionally derail threads. Keep your posts on topic. Members who repeatedly make off topic posts can expect to be warned.

14. Racist and Hate posts are not permitted. Disparaging remarks, slurs or slang terms with regards to anyone's race, color, creed, religious observance or sexual orientation are prohibited.

15. The posting of any type of pornography is forbidden. This includes links, images and videos.

16. No Flaming*.

17. Multiple accounts. If a member is found to have multiple accounts one of three things will happen:

If all the accounts are clean the original account will be allowed to remain and any further accounts will be banned. The original account may or may not recieve a warning. This will be left to the discretion of the moderator concerned.

If the accounts have infractions then all infractions will be carried over to the original account.

If more than one account has been banned it is possible your original account will be banned also.

18. No insulting or offending posts. What drives our forums is the friendliness of our members. You risk a permanent ban and termination of your account. 19. Respect each others opinions. 20. No comparing topics in example; "Which is better [artist A] or [artist B].". Every artist has fans and all fans think they are the best. 21. No crosspost between topics. Don't copy-paste your posts between topics or report similar problems in different topics. *Flaming- Messages meant to incite a response through the use of insults, profanity, derogatory comments, etc.

We consider the fact that the members are a tight knit community and will make fun of one another. We understand that so long as it remains good natured and funny, it is not meant as a "flame" (see above). Provided the people involved act in a civil and tolerable manner, we will allow for fun and jokes, wit and sarcasm. Should your post prove to be malicious in its intent, disruptive to a person or group of people, we reserve the right to remove the post and/or administer a warning for the violation. Personal arguments MUST be kept to the Private Messaging system of the boards. We will not tolerate conversations or personal grievances being aired on the boards. Those too, will be removed and possible warnings will be administered.

Please be aware is a privately owned company. Whilst we make every effort to provide as non censorial a site as we can we reserve the right to refuse membership and remove any material or posts without prior warning.

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