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Please Take Care Of My Boyfriend by Younha +lyrics

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  •  - Younha
    Rating 5
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    Please Take Care Of My Boyfriend
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    9 December, 2010
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    68% sad  23% touching  3% romantic  3% relaxing  
Expected release next PV: 2 months away
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Lyric added by: islandgurl517
cheotnun omyeon gati geoljago
ggok eogimeobsi duli ojadeon
geu teong bin georien

neowa nanun jageun banjiwa
da eongkyeobeorin uri chueokman
ggok ango seo itne

eodibuteo jalmot dwin geonji
mwoga nal mibge han geonji
saenggakhae bol teumdo eobjanha

geu sarami jom deo naaseo
naboda jalhaejunigga neomu johatnabwa

hanbeonman mianhada haejwo
bogosipda haejwo
dolaondan mareun mothaedo

majimak gaseume saegyeojin
neoui geurimjaga duliraseo
haengbokhae boyeoseo
naega han georeum dwiro mollaseolge

jeoldaero anil geoya an geurae
da almyeonseo na duryeowo
moreun cheok haesseo jeongmal

mianhae neodo apeul geoya

hanbeondo uyeonira haedo
an bogo sipeunde
neomu dalmaisseul du saram

gwaenchanha banjjok eobneun chueok
niga eobseodo nan jikyeobulge
bballi an iseulge
Lyric added by: islandgurl517
Lyric added by: islandgurl517
첟눈 오면 가티 걸자고
그곡 어기머브시 둘리 오자던
그 텅 빈 거리엔

너와 나눈 자근 반지와
다 엉켜버린 우리 추억만
그곡 안고 서 읻네

어디부터 잘몯 뒨 건지
뭐가 날 미브게 한 건지
생각해 볼 틈도 어브잔하

그 사라미 좀 더 나아서
나보다 잘해주니그가 너무 조핟나봐

한번만 미안하다 해줘
보고십다 해줘
돌라온단 마른 몯해도

마지막 가스메 새겨진
너의 그림자가 둘리라서
행복해 보여서
내가 한 거름 뒤로 몰라설게

절대로 아닐 거야 안 그래
다 알면서 나 두려워
모른 척 해써 정말

미안해 너도 아플 거야

한번도 우여니라 해도
안 보고 시픈데
너무 달마이쓸 두 사람

괜찬하 반쪽 어브는 추억
니가 어브서도 난 지켜불게
브발리 안 이슬게
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Lyric added by: islandgurl517
Lyric added by: islandgurl517
When the first snow fell, we said we’d definitely walk here together
On this empty street
But I only have the rings that you and I exchanged
And the tangled up memories as I stand here

Where did it go wrong?
What made you hate me?
You don’t even have the time to think about it
I guess you were happy because that person was better than me
And treated you better than I did
* Please tell me that you’re sorry just once, tell me that you miss me
Even if you can’t say you’ll come back
Because I saw two shadows for the last time as it was etched in my heart
Because you seemed happy
I will just take a step back

Holding on to you for no reason,
Whining and making your heart anxious
Those things won’t make you smile
The reason that your heart races when someone holds your hand
Is not me, but you

* Repeat

I know that it can never be, that it’s not like that
I was scared and pretended not to know
I’m sorry, I know you’re in pain too

I don’t ever want to see you even by coincidence
You two resemble each other so much
It’s okay to have memories without its other half, without you
I will watch over you, I won’t forget you quickly
Because I’m a girl who is always slow with everything
Lyric added by: islandgurl517


  • Posted by Justice · 26,300 Jpops · 126 shares · 2 years ago  

    I changed the translation to one that makes sense :)

  • Posted by cnidaria2jin · 2,932 Jpops · 78 shares · 5 years ago  

    ah no vid~

  • Posted by mariska · 2,489 Jpops · 11 shares · 5 years ago  

    love her voice!!!

  • Posted by joscoo · 80 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    it's soo sad!! so touching!! normally i don't listen to female singers, but she is sooo amazing!! such a sweet voice!!

  • Posted by Saturn · 6,358 Jpops · 99 shares · 5 years ago  

    I love this song, she has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. ^^ The title reminded me of BEAST's Please Take Care of My Girlfriend. x) The lyrics and video are so sad ;_;

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