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Xiang Xiang Zhi Zhong ( 想象之中) by Vae Xu +lyrics

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  •  - Vae Xu
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    Xiang Xiang Zhi Zhong ( 想象之中)
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    26 April, 2011
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Lyric added by: LyrreChelle
xiang xiang zhi zhong yu guo yi dao cai hong
tai qi le tou se se hui se tian kong
xiang xiang zhi zhong fu chu hui you jie guo
hao wu bao liu xin feng ni de cheng nuo
xiang xiang zhi zhong zhe ci yao ai hen jiu
wo ling lue guo ni yan li de wen rou
re lie yi hou ni hu ran de bing dong
pan ruo liang ren diu gei wo qu cheng shou
xiang xiang zhong hen bu tong
xiang xiang zhong yi qie dou he hou lai bu tong
wo cheng ren ceng jing na me xin dong
ni mei xiang xiang zhong na me lian jiu
hui yi huan bu hui ni de wen rou
zui hou ye bu shi gu zuo leng mo
zhuan guo tou wo zen me you yi di lei luo
wo mei xiang xiang zhong na me cui ruo
fen kai hou xing rong ye mei xiao shou
yi qi ta guo le ji zuo chun qiu
ling wu le ai bu shi zhui zhu zhan you
Lyric added by: LyrreChelle
Lyric added by: LyrreChelle
想象之中 雨过一道彩虹
抬起了头 瑟瑟灰色天空
想象之中 付出会有结果
毫无保留 信奉你的承诺
想象之中 这次要爱很久
我领略过 你眼里的温柔
热烈以后 你忽然的冰冻
判若两人 丢给我去承受
想象中 很不同
我承认 曾经那么心动
Lyric added by: LyrreChelle
Lyric added by: LyrreChelle
The imagination of the rain, a rainbow
Raised his head howling gray sky
Pay will get the result in the imagination
Unreserved believe in your commitment
Imagination this time to love for a long time
I taste your eyes gentle
Warm you suddenly frozen
Panruoliangren threw me to bear
Imagine in very different
Imagine everything and later
I admit that was so heart
You did not imagine that nostalgia
Memories of the hours you gentle
The last is not pretending to be indifferent
Turned his head to me how a single tear drop
I did not imagine so fragile
Once separated, describe also did weight loss
And with Taguo several Spring and Autumn
Comprehend the love is not chasing possession
Lyric added by: LyrreChelle

About Vae Xu

Real nameXu Song (許嵩)
Birthday14 May, 1986
Main occupationsinger (active)
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