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Pray by Tommy heavenly6 +lyrics

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  •  - Tommy heavenly6
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    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    4 July, 2006
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Lyric added by: JpopAsia
Lyrics: Tommy Music: Chris Walker
let’s go out! open my mind
let’s go! sweet dream other side
Ima toki hanatsu kago no soto he
Sabi tsuita kagi nari yamanu kodou
Kiduiteta “Mou...modore nai”
Ushinawareta hibi ga
(Hey baby why?)
Aoku tsunagatteku
(I want to cry...)
Kowagaru jibun ni maketaku nai yo
Unmei kara nige nai
“Hitori ja nai”
Soba ni iru tatoe donna ni
Kanashii yume da toshite mo kamawa nai
Kimi no namida ni furetai yo... baby
I pray...“Shinjite”
Tsumetai kioku no yami kiri saite
Kizutsuita hane yasumaseru izumi
Tobikomu sube ga wakara nakute
Taikutsu na basho iradachi ya fuan
Bokura wa kyou mo nayamu kedo
Kurai sora wo miage
(Baby ... for you)
Susumu kao wo agete
(I’m here for you)
Aku naki omoi wo kaban ni tsumete
Fumi dasu
Kokoro no yami wo furi harai
Semeru ame no oto
Kanashiku naru nara
Yasashii kimi no tate ni naru
Shinjiru koto wo yame nai de always
I pray...sono me ni
Chiisa na kiseki wo utsushite misete
(Hey baby why?...
I want to cry...Hey baby why?
Hey baby why?...
I want to cry...
I’m here for you...yeah...!
believe yourself)
Soba ni iru soko ga donna ni
Kanashii yume no naka demo kamawa nai
Onaji toki wo ikite itai with U...
I pray...“Kotaete”
Moshi yurusareru nara
Kimi no namida ni furetai
I pray...“Shinjite”
Tsumetai kioku no yami kiri saite
Lyric added by: JpopAsia
Lyric added by: brendad307
let’s go out! open my mind

let’s go! sweet dream other side

今 解き放つ籠の外へ

錆び付いた鍵 鳴り止まぬ鼓動

気づいてた “もう...戻れない”


(Hey baby why?)


(I want to cry…)




そばにいる たとえどんなに


君の涙に触れたいよ… baby

I pray… “信じて”

冷たい記憶の闇 切り裂いて

傷ついた翼(はね) 休ませる泉

飛び込むすべが わからなくて

退屈な場所 苛立ちや不安



(Baby…for you)

進む 顔を上げて

(I’m here for you)







信じることをやめないで always

I pray… その瞳に


ah… ah… ah… ah…

(Hey baby why?…

I want to cry… Hey baby why?

Hey baby why?…

I want to cry…

I’m here for you… yeah…!

believe yourself)

そばにいる そこがどんなに


同じ瞬間を生きていたい with U...

I pray… “答えて”


君の涙に触れたいよ... baby

I pray… “信じて”

冷たい記憶の闇 切り裂いて
Lyric added by: brendad307
Lyric added by: brendad307
Let's go out! open my mind
let's go! sweet dream other side
Now I go out of the cage I am released from

A rusted key, a beating that stops making a noise
"I can't go back anymore," I realized

The lost days are (Hey baby why?)
slightly connected
I don't want to give up to the self I fear
I won't run away from fate, "I'm not alone"

I'm by your side.
No matter how sad your dreams are,
I don't mind
I want to touch your tears... baby
I pray... "[you] believe"
and rip up the darkness of the cold memories

You let your injured wings rest at the spring
and don't understand the way to dive in

Even today we are troubled by
boredom, irritations, and anxiety

Look up to the dark sky (Baby...for you)
Move forward, raising your head (I'm here for you)

I put my endless love into a bag,
take a step forward,
and shake off the darkness of my heart

If the condemning sound of rain makes you sad,
I will become your gentle shield
Don't ever stop believing
I pray... that a small miracle
will reflect in your eyes

I'm by your side
No matter how sad it is in your dream, I don't mind
I want to live in the same moment with U...
I pray... "you answer me"
If I'm forgiven,
I want to touch your tears... baby
I pray... "[you] believe"
and rip up the darkness of the cold memories
Lyric added by: brendad307


  • Posted by Raunak · 204 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    My first heavenly's song ..... luv it!

  • Posted by KevinRoy VIP · 320 Jpops · 31 shares · 2 years ago  

    Gintama !! Really love this song !!

  • Posted by rabbitsfromsaturn · 7,409 Jpops · 18 shares · 3 years ago  

    *falls in love all over again everytime opening tune plays*

  • Posted by Sonido · 267 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    The video is so corny >.<
    But the song is awesome. She reminds me of Avril Lavigne so much, her style, her looks and her music. :o

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