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機器娃娃(Ji Qi Wa Wa) (Robotic Doll) by Show Luo +lyrics

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  •  - Show Luo
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    機器娃娃(Ji Qi Wa Wa) (Robotic Doll)
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    22 October, 2006
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    75% upbeat  13% gangster  13% weird  
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Lyric added by: Miki
Wo hui dao wei lai hai mei xing ji da zhang
Chang sheng bu lao de xian dan yi li er shi kuai
Si le ke yi shua lai Chu fei ni bei zhuang lan
Gan kuai jian yi kuai pi Hai you fu huo liu bai
Zang yi she dou guan qi lai Mei you ren hui yong guan cai
Wo yi jing si bai ling si sui hai shi zai tiao di ban
Zhuan zhuan zhuan tou zhuan Zhuan dao tou duan
Lai qu fu huo liu bai Fu huo yi ci liu bai kuai
Wo you hui dao wei lai Kai shi ren man wei huan
Gui ding huo dao wu bai sui yi ding yao bai bai
Yao bu ran bu neng sheng xiao hai bu neng qiang fan wan
Chao guo wu bai sui you bu gan si de zhi neng yao fan
Ren fan zhua qu guan You ba ci si xing ke yi pan
Ying xiong wei ren wei guo zheng guang hai you mian si jin pai
Wo zai hui dao wei lai Si bu si dou wu nai
Di qiu bian cheng yi ge chao ji le se dai

(*)Wo men zen me zhe me you dan
You mei you ai
Wo men hai xiang ban yan shang di
Zen me ban Wo men zen me zhe me you dan
You mei you ai
Wo men ji xu zhe yang yan hua Zen me ban
Wo ai shang ji qi wa wa
Shuo ming shu shang you yong fa
Wo yao ba ta dai hui jia La la la la la la
Wo ai shang ji qi wa wa
Ta tou shang cha luo xuan jiang
Wo men yao fei dao tian shang La la la la la la

Wo you hui dao wei lai Dian nao tie xin an pai
Zhi shang di yu yi bai qiang po zhi ru A-I
Bu yong chu men mai mai Da jia dou shi tian cai
Mei you ben dan de da zi ran zhen shi chao zi ran
Wo zai hui dao wei lai Bing du yi jing fan lan
Xi jun kai shi chuan ran Dong wu kai shi bian tai
Duo zai jia li tao nan Kai guan tou you bo cai
Wo men hua zai yi ge gao ke ji de mo deng shi dai

Repeat (*)

Chang Ge .. En.. Hao guai a...
Zai chang gao yi dian wa wa .. Hao
Zhun bei yao lai tiao wu le o......Lai
Bai bai tun Ni jiao wo bai bai tun De yao shen fang fang zheng zheng
Ni yao wo jiao ge ge Wo guai guai jiao ge ge
Wo hai hui bian jiao ge ge bian chang ge
Bu xu yao dian ci de wo chi de shi tai yang neng
Wo de tou zhuang le yi ge hong lu deng
Ni yao wo shou le se
Wo bu zhi hui shou le se
Wo hai hui biao yan le se du li tun

(Zhe yi qie de yi qie tai wang miao
Wo yi tian yi tian zhe me guo
Guo yi guan you yi guan de dian dong
Wo yi bu you yi bu bei yao kong)

Wo ai shang ji qi wa wa
Zhi neng ai ji qi wa wa
Na yi tian wo de sheng huo Zhi Sheng yi ge shi chuang
Wo ai shang ji qi wa wa
Wo neng ai ji qi wa wa
Wo gan dao yi zhen bing liang
Ta bu hui jiao ma ma
Lyric added by: Miki
Lyric added by: Miki
我回到未來 還沒星際大戰 長生不老的仙丹一粒20塊
死了可以耍賴 除非你被撞爛 趕快撿一塊皮 還有復活六百
葬儀社都關起來 沒有人會用棺材 我已經四百零四歲還在跳地板
轉 轉轉頭轉 轉到頭斷 來去復活六百 復活一次六百塊
我又回到未來 開始人滿為患 規定活到五百歲一定要掰掰
要不然 不能生小孩 不能搶飯碗
超過五百歲又不敢死的只能要飯 人犯抓去關
有八次死刑可以判 英雄偉人為國爭光還有免死金牌
我再回到未來 死不死都無奈 地球變成一個超級垃圾袋

(*)我們怎麼這麼有膽 有沒有愛 我們還想扮演上帝
怎麼辦 我們怎麼這麼有膽 有沒有愛 我們繼續這樣演化 怎麼辦
我愛上機器娃娃 說明書上有用法 我要把她帶回家 啦啦啦啦啦啦
我愛上機器娃娃 她頭上插螺旋槳 我們要飛到天上 啦啦啦啦啦啦

我又回到未來 電腦貼心安排
智商低於一百強迫植入A-I 不用出門買賣 大家都是天才
沒有笨蛋的大自然真是超自然 我再回到未來
病毒已經氾濫 細菌開始傳染 動物開始變態
躲在家裡逃難 開罐頭有波菜 我們活在一個高科技的摩登時代

Repeat (*)

唱歌 N...好乖啊...再唱高一點娃娃 好
準備要來跳舞了哦......來 擺擺臀 你叫我擺擺臀
的腰身方方正正 你要我叫哥哥 我乖乖叫哥哥
我還會邊叫哥哥邊唱歌 不需要電池的 我吃的是太陽能
我的頭裝了一個紅綠燈 你要我收垃圾
我不只會收垃圾 我還會表演垃圾肚裡吞

(這一切的一切太荒謬 我一天過一天這麼過
過一關又一關的電動 我一步又一步被遙控)

我愛上機器娃娃 只能愛機器娃娃 那一天我的生活 只剩一個視窗
我愛上機器娃娃 我能愛機器娃娃 我感到一陣冰涼 她不會叫媽媽
Lyric added by: Miki
Lyric added by: Miki
I go back to the future, not yet star wars,
Ambrosia of eternal life, 20 dollars per capsule
After death you can be devious, unless you were smashed to pieces,
Hurry and pick up a piece of skin, you can still revive for 600
The mortuaries all closed, no one uses a coffin anymore,
I’m already 404 years old and still break dancing
Spin, spin, spin, head spin, spin ‘til you break you neck,
Go and get revived, each revival is 600 dollars
I return again to the future, too many people become a problem,
Rules say you can only live until 500 years old then you’ll have to go “bye bye”
Or you’re not allowed to have kids, you can’t steal rice bowls1
Those over 500 years old and afraid to die can only beg,
Criminals sent to jail with 8 chances of the death penalty
Heroes and important people that help the country get a gold medal to getting out of dying.
I go back to the future again, it’s a distress to be alive or dead,
The world has become a super trash bag

(*)How do we have the guts,
Is there love,
We even want to play the role of god
What to do, how do we have the guts,
Is there love,
We continue to evolve, what do we do
I’ve fallen in love with a robotic doll,
The manual has its functions,
I want to take her home lalalalalala
I’ve fallen in love with a robotic doll,
Attached to her head is a propeller,
We’re going to fly into the sky, lalalalalala

I again return to the future, the computer thoughtfully planned out
IQ under 100 will automatically be forced to transplant A.I.2,
No need to go out to make purchases, everyone is a prodigy
The nature with no stupid people is really supernatural,
Again I go back to the future, A virus begins to take affect,
Bacteria starts to spread, animals start to mutate
Hide inside the house to escape from the disaster, open a can for some spinach,
We live in a high technology, modern era.

Repeat (*)

Sing…Ah, Yes..very good…
Sing higher, doll, good.
Get ready to dance…..All right
Shake your hips, you tell me to shake my hips, The waist is squared and straight,
You want me to call [you] ‘brother,’ I obediently call [you] ‘brother’
I can also say ‘brother’ and sing at the same time,
No need for batteries, I am solar powered
In my head is a red-green light,
You want me to pick up trash
Not only can I pick up trash,
I can also perform trash swallowing.

(All of this, all of this is too weird,
How do I pass each day after day
Passing a level after level of video games,
I controlled each step after step)

I’ve fallen in love with a robotic doll,
I can only love a robotic doll,
That day my life had only a viewing pane left
I’ve fallen in love with a robotic doll,
I can only love a robotic doll,
I felt a sudden chill,
She doesn’t know how to say ‘mama’

1: rice bowl is slang for a job or profession.
2: A.I. : Artificial Intelligence
Lyric added by: Miki

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