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Miyavi's bio


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Miyavi is member of S.K.I.N.

Miyavi's Bio

About Miyavi
Miyavi (雅-miyavi-), born September 14, 1981 in Hyogo, Japan, is a Japanese solo Japanese rock artist and former guitarist (under the name Miyabi (雅, Miyabi)) for the visual kei indies band Dué le quartz, which disbanded in 2002. In the same year, Miyabi announced that he was going solo, changed his name to Miyavi, and released his debut album "【雅楽】-gagaku-" He soon signed a contract with PS Company along with other artists such as Alice Nine, Kagrra,, G...

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About Miyavi
Miyavi (雅-miyavi-), born September 14, 1981 in Hyogo, Japan, is a Japanese solo Japanese rock artist and former guitarist (under the name Miyabi (雅, Miyabi)) for the visual kei indies band Dué le quartz, which disbanded in 2002. In the same year, Miyabi announced that he was going solo, changed his name to Miyavi, and released his debut album "【雅楽】-gagaku-" He soon signed a contract with PS Company along with other artists such as Alice Nine, Kagrra,, Gazette, and Kra.

In October 2004, Miyavi released his first major single "ROCK no gyakushuu -SUPERSTAR no jouken (ロックの逆襲-スーパースターの条件-, ROCK no gyakushuu -SUPERSTAR no jouken?)" (under Universal Records Japan) and began to credit himself in the songwriting credits in his liner notes as "MYV". His first major album, "【雅-miyavizm-主義】", was released in June 2005.

On Feb. 16th, 2009, it was announced on his official site that Miyavi and PS Company would be parting ways on April 5th at the Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakdou after a 10 year relationship.

Early Life
Miyavi was born in Nisikujo, Japan. His mother is Japanese and his father is a second generation Zainichi Korean whose parents immigrated to Japan from the Korean island of Jeju. His family's Korean surname was Lee(李) before changing it after moving to Japan. Miyavi has stated that though he has never been to Jeju he would like to do so when he has the opportunity. Although Miyavi does not speak Korean he has expressed interest in learning the language sometime in the future. Miyavi's parents divorced when he was young. Soon after he moved with his mother to Hyogo to live near his maternal grandparents, where he grew up. As a child, Miyavi was a good student and enjoyed playing soccer. Miyavi started playing the guitar and writing music at a young age after a soccer injury left him unable to play.

In 1999, at the age of 18, Miyavi joined the visual kei band, Dué le quartz. The band broke up in September of 2002, and soon after Miyavi released his first solo album 【雅楽】-gagaku- under the indie label PS Company. Miyavi's significant change in music and visual styles since leaving Dué le quartz caused many of his original audience to disperse, but attracted a new audience that he did not originally have. Since embarking on his solo career Miyavi has enjoyed great success not only in Japan but around the world as well. Following his signing with Universal Records Japan in late 2004, he changed his name to "MYV", an apparent shortening of "Miyavi", although magazines and his website still refer to him as "Miyavi" presently.

In addition to his musical career, Miyavi also starred as himself in the 2004 film "Oresama (おれさま, Oresama)" and is regularly featured in various J-Rock magazines such as Fools Mate, Arena 37c, and Shoxx magazine. In the past he has modeled in the Gothic & Lolita Bible and for various brands such as the clothing line Fotus.

In 2004 Miyavi was scheduled to put on a concert at Pacific Media Expo but had to cancel last minute due to staff issues, and was replaced by the Japanese band Psycho le Cému.

Personal Life
On March 14, 2009, Miyavi married pop singer Melody. He announced their marriage on April 5, 2009.
On July 29, 2009, Melody gave birth to a daughter Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara (石原 愛理 雅 Ishihara Airi Miyavi?). The characters used to write the name Lovelie mean "The reason of Love".
On July 4, 2010, just three weeks and four days before Lovelie's first birthday, Miyavi announced on his Myspace blog that he and Melody were expecting their second child.
On October 21, 2010 JST, Miyavi announced on twitter his second daughter Jewelie Aoi Ishihara was born.

Name:石原贵雅 Ishihara Takamasa(Miyavi)
Blood type:Dirty blood(AB)
place of birth:Hyougo
shose SIZE:my heart SIZE is my shues SIZE (+/-27.5)
vision:less than0.1
Favorite color:pink
Cigarettes:Seven Star Box (13MG)
The first memory of life:suffering,moustache
Hour marquis dream:become an internet police
Subjects most adept:provide food
Favorite animal:The lost lamb
Strong point:no weakness
Weak point:No advantage
The first conversation with a stranger will look at other people's where?:the number of mole of people
Interest:Shout anyway
Word like to say:Want to sleep
What band in pop:jump up of Kazuki
Favorite brands:Yoyogi Park
Favorite food:creamed corn,chocolate cake……
Dislike food:Sweet stuff,brocoli(who is this?)
Favorite drink:vitamin juice,spinach juice
Dislike drink:tomato juice(anyway,he is acaprice person)
Expert food:Sakito
Common things in the fridge:Yungeru
Favorite season:summer morning,very romantic
Every day must be:hug
Sleep habits:sleep naked
What usually wear in morning:morning wear what then wear what
Currently the most expensive things to buy:time
If not the singer,that would be:Miyavi not be born
The greatest prank:forgery,kidnap
Frightened by:Okan is really a man
What people say will be pleased:Ba-bon
What christmas gift would like to receive:socks
Bath time:30minute
The most valuable is:feel
What makes you happy:when sleeping
Place that make you relax:stage,toilet
Place that make you uncomfortable:Kyuushuu
Want to travel to Japan where:every place wants to
Country want to travel:Japan is the best
People who most wish to see:Fujiike-san
Want to be man or woman in the next life:i would like to continue my life for now
Three wishes:I will have many wish
What will be pleased to receive:voice
Things will do when free:find happiness
Work have been do before:Apprentice chef
Favorite artists:Hydra
CD now like:Hydra
First buy CD:Hydra
Seen Live:Hydra
Live now want to see:Hydra
First played song:Hydra
The first performance experience:secondary 3 year,school stadium
Deepest impression Live:13/06/1999
Things will thinking when recording:all is work
The most happy things in Tour:Energetic face
The most worried things when Tour:My skin
Things will do after live:Fill vitamin
Most successful thing:Will smile when he died
Most satisfied work:「...」

雅miyavi detials~~~

On the tattoo and piercing,everyone seem to say not the same...|||
miyavi now piercing on the right brow ridge and left nosewing and lip
left ear got 3 piercing,enlarge one,wearing medical steel earing enlarge
right ear(seem like)just got one piercing,wearing tine horn-shaped ear enlarge

left shoulder:俺
down:a short english:Close your heart....(cant see clear)
down:空即是色,4(upside down)
finger:3,8,2(Back of the hand empty)

right shoulder:我
down:天上天下唯雅独尊(there are a registered trademark,unfortunately i cant type them out...)
down:inner side of the arm got a line of samll english word(is too small,can..)
down:6(upside down)

back of hand:Due'le quartz


below the neck:Un-do


both side on the waist:Two lines what looks like the Latin word...
navel:Don't hesitate...(too small,two words behind cant see clear)

back:《般若波罗蜜多心经》(Heart Sutra)

雅miyavi detils~~~

1.miyavi says he is his favorite star...

2.miyaviprevious name is miyabi mean"elegant"

3.miyavi favorite brands BA-TSU l Gaultier, Here-There, Beauty-Beast, and Gucci

4.miyavi favorite cologne is Dolce & Gabbana

5.miyavi most like chocolate cake,chicken,and inari zushi

6.miyavihates broccoli and tomato juice

7.miyavi admir dir en grey toshiya and raphael 華月...

8.miyavi said he likes all day shouting,wherever he be in...

9.miyavi say if he one day din hug people(whoever...),there is no way the day had...

10.before become a singer miyavi want to become a doctor,because he thinks it is important to help other!

11.Most of the day miyavi remew his blog for 7 time..(said that this child very like to surf net,beside his computer got a sofa,when he tired of surf net then will sleep at there,more convenient.sometime,he even think that online communication easier then in the real life.)

12.miyavi face got 3 piercing(right brow ridge,left noeswing and right down lip),6 piercing and one"secret"hole

13.miyavi say when he’s bath is using his own tour towel! miyavi first large live(下尅上),his front teeth knocked to the that time,he continued performances like nothing happend,but after that he said he was almost cry out because of the painful...(quite heave...exist in下尅上feature have mentioned about it~~)

雅miyavi details ~~~

同年、Due磍e quartzのギタリストとして加入。
2001.9.14 自身のソロ写真集「羽化」発表。
2002.9.22 渋谷AXにてDue磍e quartz解散。
2002.9.23 ソロプロジェクト発足。
2002.10.31 三部作連続リリース第1弾/First Full Album「雅楽」発売
2002.11.30 三部作連続リリース第2弾/VIDEO付Single「POP is dead」「死んでもBoogie-Woogie」(各Single 2曲入)発売
2002.12.18 三部作連続リリース第2弾/Maxi Single「ジングルベル(仮)」
2003.4.1 高田馬場AREAにて「渋谷公会堂追加公演ーやっぱAREAっしょ2003ー御懐妊」
2003.4.16 Maxi Single「自分革命-2003-」発売
初回限定特種仕様 / ビックリ雅マンシール&<2539;応募券封入
2003.4.25 雅ファーストライブー2003ー“下克上”渋谷公会堂ワンマン<完売>
●即日完売ノリにのっちゃって記念 / 会場限定シングル発売「タリラリタララ&e834;」
2003.6.25 Maxi Single「タリラリタララ&e834;」発売
2003.7.23 DVD→デーブイデー「下剋上」 / VHS→テープやでー「下剋上」発売
2003.10.19 日比谷野外大音楽堂
Vo.&G. みやび様 (ex.Due磍e quartz / トラに説教。)
Guitar PATA (ex.X JAPAN / Ra:IN)
Guitar ルーク篁 (ex.聖飢魔II / CANTA)
Bass Chirolun (ex.hide with Spread Beaver / ~with Melody)
Drums 真矢 (ex.LUNA SEA / ~with Melody)

2003.12.2 2nd Full Album「【雅-galyuu-流】」発売
初回完全限定盤:CD+DVD 2枚組(「常勝街道」「Coo quack cluck」のPV収録)
2003/12/15付 オリコンINDIES アルバムチャート 1位獲得

2003.12.28 TOKYO BAY NK HALL「FOOL碨 MATE presentsーBeauti-Fool磗 Fest 03ー現代奇想博覧会」に参加
w:ムック / メリー / +D磂spairs Ray+ / deadman / GULLET / ガゼット / DAIGO☆STARDUST / Kra / ピンクハレルヤ

2.26 郡山&e839;9
2.28 仙台MA&O5381;CA&O5381;NA
2.29 秋田LIVE SPOT 2000
3.02 札幌ベッシーホール
3.06 静岡SUNASH
3.07 京都MUSE
3.09 神戸スタークラブ
3.11 岡山ペパーランド
3.13 福岡Be-1
3.14 熊本Be-9
3.16 松山サロンキティ
3.17 広島ナミキジャンクション
3.19 金沢AZ
3.22 宇都宮VOGUE
3.24 名古屋ell FITS ALL
3.26 大阪難波ロケッツ

6.23 ラストマキシ「あしタ、元気ニなぁレ。」発売

7.10 韓国
7.24 台湾

8.11 東京ドーム「雅-Miyavi- VS 東京ドーム戦」

8.31 日本武道館「This is 王道。」

INDIES period:

The first solo album【雅乐】

Release two singles:
【pop is dead】-pv+sigle
【死んでも boogie woogie】-pv+sigle

Release single:

Release single:

Release single:

Release :DVD/VHS【涉谷公会堂"下剋上"映像】

Release single:
【Coo quark cluck】

Release individual second album:

Personal first film【おれさま】publish

Release single:
【あしタ、元気ニなぁレ。Last Maxi】

Release PV collecting【一人芸】

Major time:

Release photo albums【ガキんちょ】

Release debut single:

Release DVD:
【2004年8月31日 雅-miyavi- インディーズ&<2539;ラスト LIVE in 日本武道館(って、そのままやんけ。) ~「This is 王道」編~】

Release DVD:
【2004年8月31日 雅-miyavi- インディーズ&<2539;ラスト LIVE in 日本武道館(タイトル長いな、しかし!!) ~「のり子の一日」編~】

Release single:

Facts about Miyavi:
miyavi writes, arranges, performs, and produces his own music. Though, beginning in 2005, he began working with others.

miyavi has a mother, a father, and a younger sister. He is also close with his grandmother.

Both his grandparents on one side are 100% Korean, making him half Korean.

His real last name is Ishihara, although his Korean grandfather's last name was Lee, before it was changed.

miyavi played soccer when he was young, but due to an injury he had to quit, and began playing and writing music. It was a turning point in his life. Although he still enjoys soccer, he said he wouldn't go back to it.

miyavi once made plans to attend a couple conventions in the United States in 2004 but could not attend due to the fact that a technician was ill. The entire tour was cancelled.

miyavi made an attempt to quit smoking in the summer of 2003, and has been spotted many times using Paipo, which are like inhaler sticks that are made to help people quit smoking. We believe he has succeeded in quitting smoking.

miyavi says he doesn't go shopping often cause his clothing is either donated by fans or he keeps them from the photoshoots or music videos he participates in. Even his beloved black accoustic guitar was a gift.
(Source: LFX October 4th, 2005, and various other sources)

miyavi commented on of his tattoos, Omitoufu: "It is the speech in the Buddha literature of Wisdom. I want to spend my life to find the answer of my heart."

On Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 4:22 AM, miyavi removed his signature piercing, the lipring.

February 16, 2009: miyavi will be leaving Peace & Smile Company, after having been with them for 10 years, to move on to the next step in his career.

April 7, 2009: miyavi announces the name of his independent company, J-glam Inc.

April 9, 2009: miyavi comfirmed his marriage to former pop vocalist melody. and that they will be having a baby during the summer. close

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About Miyavi

Real nameIshihara Takamasa
Birthday14 September, 1981
Debut1999 (active)
Main occupationsinger (active)
Official website
Official Twittermiyavi_official
Official topic
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  • 578
  • 345
  • 3,124
  • Rank
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Miyavi in detail

  • General
  • marital-status
  • bloodtype
  • debut
  • family
    Wife: Melody, Daughters: Lovelie and Jewelie Ishihara
  • birthplace
    Hyogo, Japan
  • languages
    Japanese, English
  • Appearance
  • shoe-size
    27.5 cm
  • shoe-size
    27.5 cm
  • tattoos
  • height
    185 cm
  • weight
    60 kg
  • eye-color
  • Preferences
  • religion
  • hobbies
  • favorite-music
    his own music
  • dream
    to be a doctor
  • favorite-food
    Chocolate cake, chicken, and inari zushi
  • favorite-color
    Black and Pink
  • favorite-parfume
    Dolce & Gabbana
  • favorite-brands
    BA-TSU, Jean Paul Gaultier, Here-There, Beauty-Beast, and Gucci
  • favorite-drink
    Water or Protein
  • Personality
  • strong-point
    No Weakness
  • specialties
    Playing the guitar. Also Singing, Dancing and Smiling
  • weak-point
    No Advantage
  • personality
    Miyavi is really shy, despite his loud personality

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