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Slave (feat. pdogg) by Lee Seung Gi +lyrics

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  •  - Lee Seung Gi
    Rating 9
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    Slave (feat. pdogg)
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  • Release date
    27 October, 2011
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Lyric added by: annyss
siseutem bunhae - naega bwass-eul ttae geunyeoui
geunyeoneun ma-eul jjog-eulo neomu ui - geunyeoui son-eissneun ikape latte haessda
geunyeoui hyang-gi meolineun geulae o, o, bihaeng eul nalgoissda

segye gamsog ibnida - naega geunyeoleul mannass-eul ttae
geunyeoui galate ui bim - naega naelyeo gaya
banjjag banjjag - geunyeoui hyang-gi ga peojibnida

naega nog-a naneun nog-a nog-a
nan amu saeng-gag ieobsneun modeun I laeyo i issseubnida

* naneun dangsin-ui noye ga doel su
naneun dangsin-ui noye ga doel su
dangsin-i nawa hamkke jaesaenghal su issseubnida , ​​dangsin-i wonhaneun mueos
dangsin-i naleul al-aganeun sigan-eul gajigo sipda!

* deiteu doeseyo geunyang nae il su
naega dangsin-eul boass-eul ttae jungdan nuga delyeoga

neohui -E- EH

LALALALA lallalla lala
LALALALA lallalla lala

dalkomhan syampu cheoleom budeuleoun geopum gat-eun
yeon-in agiui neukkimcheoleom

dangsin-i bad-a deul-il gyeong-u na dalkomhan syampu cheoleom budeuleoun geopum eul joh-a
naega sangsanghal sueobsneun , naega sangsanghal su eobsda

geugeos-eun segsi segsi , geulaeseo naneun geugeos-eul joh-a joh-a neomu segsi haeyo
modu naega wonhaneun DO i issseubnida

* banbog

* banbog

LALALALA lallalla lala
LALALALA lallalla lala

geugeos-eun du beon dasi ol geos-ida geoscheoleom ( nae salang a ) boiji anh-assda
dangsin-eun naege neomu daleuda
nae ma-eum i naleul gago jisi gos-eul gago sip-eo
naneun uliga hamkke kkwae johge saeng-gag
nae sujub-eun gobaeg
naega dangsin-eul wihae nolae naui nolae

* banbog

* banbog
Lyric added by: annyss
No Korean lyric yet add lyric
Lyric added by: YuriChan
System break down - when I saw her
She's just so up town - in her hands was a cafe-latte
Her fragrant hair is flying flying oh oh yeah

World is slow down - when I met her
I gotta get down - beam of her karate
Twinkle twinkle - her scent spreads

I melt, I melt, I melt
I have no thoughts and all I wanna do is this

* I can be your slave
I can be your slave
You can play with me, do whatever you want
Want you to take your time to get to know me!

** Be my date, Just be my date
Take me, who stopped when I looked at you


Lalalala lalala lala
Lalalala lalala lala

Like soft bubbles, like sweet shampoo
Like the feeling of lovers baby

If you embrace me like soft bubbles, like sweet shampoo
I can't imagine, I can't imagine

It's so sexy sexy sexy, so I like it like it
All I wanna do is this

* repeat

** repeat

Lalalala lalala lala
Lalalala lalala lala

It didn't seem like it would come again twice (oh my love)
You are so different from me
I want to go where my heart tells me to go
I think we look pretty good together
My shy confession
My song that I sing for you

* repeat

** repeat
Lyric added by: YuriChan


  • Posted by zyfomor · 0 Jpops · 147 shares · 3 years ago  

    haha super full of energy

  • Posted by devilkat · 186 Jpops · 2 shares · 4 years ago  

    loving this song!!!

  • Posted by Miki VIP CREW · 1,604,878 Jpops · 3224 shares · 5 years ago  

    different from his usual songs, like it a lot

    Scary Mod. S ALL.

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