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Every member can buy a virtual house in their favorite artists group and songs street. Connect with members who share the same love for Kimberley Chen. Depending on the popularity of a song, it can increase and decrease in value. For every street there are only 4 houses available, so be quick because before you know, someone else might grab it...

Ai Ni (愛你, Love You) Feat. Lil Jay of JPM Street
Price: 11,199 Jpops
Broken up, love you - 分手說愛你 - Fēnshǒu shuō ài nǐ Street
Price: 500 Jpops
Interstellar Travel Feat. Tai Ai Ling Street
Price: 500 Jpops
Never Change Street
Price: 500 Jpops
Good Girl 趕快愛 - gǎnkuài ài Street
Price: 500 Jpops
World Destruction - 世界毀滅 - Shìjiè huǐmiè Street
Price: 500 Jpops
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