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Romantic Mystery by JJ Lin +lyrics

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  •  - JJ Lin
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    Romantic Mystery
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    31 December, 2011
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    68% touching  30% relaxing  3% sad  
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Lyric added by: dotzcute90
deng huo guang ying, jie dao ren jun, shei bei shei xi yin
chuan tai feng ling, wo zai ka fei ting, wei ni tan qin
zhe zhong jie deng, zhe zhong qi fen
zhe zhong ren sheng, zhe yang yi zuo shan cheng
zhe zhong jiao tang, zhe zhong shi qiang
zhe zhong teng man, ni wo zou zai jie shang
Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery
oh your touch xiang ri kui li de mi mi
xiang ai yuan lai shi zhong mo qi
gu shi xi ni Romantic Mystery
shen mi chou xiang shi yi zhong qing xu
you hua xian yan le, suo you hui yi
gu shi zai wan qu, liu su zai yao ye
wo men xiang lian de, jie ju mei li
ru guo ke yi, ai xiang yu ji, tong kuai xiang ni
zhe zhong sha tan, zhe zhong lang man
zhe zhong yin xiang, hen hen ai ni yi chang
zhe zhong qiao liang, zhe zhong cun zhuang, zhe zhong yue guang
rang ai, you hua mian gan
ge zhe ju li Romantic Mystery
zai xiang ni ru guo yi qie dou ji xu
dao chu shi ai ni de zheng ju
wo~xiang huo xu~ni
Romantic Mystery
tian mi, wo yu shi na qi bi
qing chu de miao hui, ru he ai ni
dan dan de xiang qi, xiao xiao de mo li
na ai qing yi dian dou bu you yu
wo you ji xu, wei ni tan qin, jie shi ming yun
Lyric added by: dotzcute90
Lyric added by: LizB
作詞:方文山 作曲:林俊傑

燈火光影 街道人群 誰被誰吸引
窗臺風鈴 我在咖啡廳 為你彈琴

這種街燈 這種氣氛 這種人生 這樣一座 山城
這種教堂 這種石牆 這種藤蔓 你我 走在 街上

Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,
oh your touch 向日葵裡的秘密
故事細膩 Romantic Mystery
神秘 抽象是一種情緒
油畫鮮豔了 所有回憶
故事在彎曲 流蘇在搖曳
我們相戀的 結局美麗
如果可以 愛像雨季 痛快想你

這種沙灘 這種浪漫 這種印象 狠狠愛你 一場
這種橋樑 這種村莊 這種月光 讓愛 有畫 面感

隔著距離 Romantic Mystery
在想你 如果一切都繼續
我 ~ 想或許你
Romantic Mystery
甜蜜 我於是拿起筆
清楚的描繪 如何愛你
淡淡的香氣 小小的茉莉
那愛情一點 都不憂鬱
我又繼續 為你彈琴 解釋命運
Autant En Emporte Le Vent (隨風而逝)
Gone with the wind
Lyric added by: LizB
Lyric added by: elenko94
The lights and shadows
The people on the street
Who is attracted to whom?

The wind chime in the window
I’m at the cafe
Playing piano for you.

This type of street light
This type of atmosphere
This type of life
This type of city in the mountains.

This type of church
This type of stone walls
This type of vine
You and I walk in the streets.

Girl we were once a romantic mystery,
Oh your touch.
The secret in the sunflowers.
So love is actually a type of rapport.

Detailed story, romantic mystery,
Mysterious, abstraction is a mood.
The oil painting freshens all the memories.

The story is turning, the tassel is swaying
We are all in love, a beautiful ending.
If we can, love is like the rainy season, thinking of you.

This type of beach,
This type of romance,
This type of impression,
Severely love you once.

This type of bridge,
This type of village,
This type of moonlight,
Makes love more real.

The distance separates, romantic mystery.
I’m thinking of you, if everything continues.
Everywhere is proof of loving you.

I think maybe you, romantic mystery,
Is sweet, so I pick up the pen,
To clearly detail how to love you.

The faint fragrance, the little jasmine,
That love is not even a little hesitant.
I again continue to play piano for you, explaining fate.

Autant En Emporte Le Vent (Gone with the wind)
Gone with the wind.
Lyric added by: elenko94


  • Posted by mariska · 2,489 Jpops · 11 shares · 3 years ago  

    a very good song and music video

  • Posted by Rizin04 · 5,976 Jpops · 85 shares · 3 years ago  

    I really enjoyed this song.

  • Posted by phaNiez · 4,173 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    <3 JJ Lin Jun Jie

  • Posted by pinktopaz VIP · 2,083 Jpops · 1461 shares · 3 years ago  

    Such an amazing song. :moved:

    Jimin, you got no jams~♥
  • Posted by ponponcake · 98 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    One of my favorite songs from JJ Lin ...this is such an amazing song, I don't know how to describe romantic? sadly romantic?? Either way...the concept of the mv is great, I really like the setting <3

  • Posted by angelrayinism · 276 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    He is just always on top with Vocals

  • Posted by joseraul8 · 115 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    i dont understand anything but the song is amazing

  • Posted by IKAH · 2,179 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Wow, another amazing song! I am very glad that I came acrorss this artist! ♥
    The atmosphere of this song is sooo nice. I can´t even describe how much I like it...
    And the PV is really cool, I like its concept/style a lot.
    And I love to see scenes from Prague, again! :D

  • Posted by mysterylife11 · 107,791 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    nice lovely song!

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