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Hui Du Shu ( 會讀書) by JJ Lin +lyrics

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  •  - JJ Lin
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    Hui Du Shu ( 會讀書)
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    10 April, 2003
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Lyric added by: elenko94
Deng bu neng xi mie ao guo jin yei
Jiu neng cong shu zhong tao hui dao zhe ge shi jie

Wo wo bu ming bai zhe ge nian dai
Ze me hai neng shuo du hao shu jiu hui fa cai hao dai
Ai wo de ba teng wo de ma shuo le na me duo
Ni men ming bai ma bu shi yao fan kang zhi shi yao ni kan
Wo bu man de di fang

Du du du du du dao shu dou xiang tu hao xiang ku
Pa pa pa pa pa lao shi bei shu hao bai chi
Ni ni ni ni ni zhi hui shuo ni yao di yi wo jiu kuai yao fa yang dian feng
Bu shi mei ge ren dou hui du shu hui du shu
Bu li hai du shu ye bu yi ding jiu hui shu
Bu shi xiang yao shuo wo hui du shu bu zai hu
Wo zhi xiang yao ni neng qing chu

Repeat *, **
Repeat **
Lyric added by: elenko94
Lyric added by: elenko94
燈 不能熄滅 熬過今夜
就能從書中逃回到 這個世界

* 我 我不明白 這個年代
怎麽还能说 读好书 就会发财 好呆
愛我的爸 疼我的媽 說了那麼多
你們明白嗎 不是要反抗 只是要你看 

**讀讀讀讀讀到書都想吐 好想哭
怕怕怕怕怕 老是背書 好白痴
你你你你你 只會說你要第一我就快要發羊癲瘋
不是每個人都會讀書 會讀書
不是想要說我會讀書 不在乎 
我只想要 你能清楚

Repeat *, **
Repeat **
Lyric added by: elenko94
Lyric added by: elenko94
Can’t turn out the light. Staying up late tonight
So I can escape from the books to this world.

I, I do not understand this generation
How can they say that if you study well you will become rich? How dumb
The father who loved me, my mother who dotes on me, I've said a lot
Do you all understand? I'm not rebelling but just for you all to see
The place that I resent

Study (x5) all the books it makes me sick, I want to cry
Afraid (x5) of the teacher memorizing/reciting from the book, it's so stupid
You (x5) only care about being number one, I am going crazy
Not everyone can study well, study well
Those who cannot study well won't necessarily lose
Don’t want to say that I will study, I don’t care
I only want you to understand clearly

Repeat *, **
Repeat **
Lyric added by: elenko94

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