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Wai Po (外婆) by Jay Chou +lyrics

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  •  - Jay Chou
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    Wai Po (外婆)
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    1 August, 2004
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    88% upbeat  13% touching  
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Lyric added by: silverlining
jin tian shi wai po sheng ri wo huan shang fu gu xi zhuang
zai zhe wai po kai zhe la feng de gu dong che dou dou dou feng
che li fang zhe ta de zui ai zao hui shu yu shi ta de shi dai
wang dao mai ma tou kai qu ba shuo you he wai gong de wang shi jing jing hui yi
wai po ta lian shang de lian yi mei li dan cang bu zhu ya yi
shi qu le ai qing zhi pan wang qin qing mi bu hui yin
da ren men yi wei chu men zhi qian zhuo shang fang liu bai jiu shuan shi xiao jin
yi tian dao wan pin min zhuan qian shao le guan huai you she me yi yi

wai po ta de qi dai man man bian cheng wu nai da ren men shi zhong bu ming bai
ta yao de shi pei ban er bu shi liu bai kuai bi ni gei de hai jian dan
wai po ta de wu nai wu fa bian cheng qi dai zhi you ai cai neng dou ming bai
zhou zai dan shui he pan ting zhe ta de zui ai ba wen nuan fang hui kou dai

ji de qu nian wai po de sheng ri biao ge dai wo he wai po can jia
ta zui zui zhong shi de ban jiang dian li
jie guo qu na bu dao ban ge jiang bu zhi dao gai xiao bu xiao
wu dui zhe jing tou sha xiao zhi jue de zhi ji ke xiao
wo nan guo que bu shi yin wei mei de jiang er nan guo
wo shi luo shi yin wei kan dao wai po shi luo er shi luo
da ren men gen ben bu neng ti hui biao ge ta de yong xin
hao xiang shui ta men gao xin jiu ke yi che di de fou ding
fou ding wo de zuo pin jue ding zai yu xin qing
xiang jian chi feng ge ta men jiu que de hen ou ke
mei jin xi mei you gai bian wo yi jing ting le shan nian
wo gao shu wai po wo mei shu bu xu yao gai bian
biao ge shuo bu yao jue de ke xi zhe zhi shi yi chang you xi
zhi yao wai po jue de hai ting na cai shi yi zhong gu li
wai po lou chu le xiao rong shuo ta yi wo wei rong
qian qian de xiao rong jiu rang wo gan dao bi de jiang ta hai yao guang rong
Lyric added by: silverlining
Lyric added by: silverlining
作詞:周杰倫 作曲:周杰倫

今天是外婆生日 我換上復古西裝
車裡放著她的最愛 找回屬於是她的年代
外婆她臉上的漣漪 美麗但藏不住壓抑
失去了愛情只盼望親情 彌補回應
一天到晚拼了命 賺錢少了關懷有什麼意義

外婆她的期待 慢慢變成無奈 大人們始終不明白
她要的是陪伴 而不是六百塊 比你給的還簡單
外婆她的無奈 無法變成期待 只有愛才能夠明白
走在淡水河畔 聽著他的最愛 把溫暖放回口袋

記得去年外婆的生日 表哥帶我和外婆參加 她最最重視的頒獎典禮
結果卻拿不到半個獎 不知道該笑不笑
我對著鏡頭傻笑 只覺得自己可笑
我難過 卻不是因為沒有得獎而難過
我失落 是因為看到外婆失落而失落
否定 我的作品 決定在於心情
想堅持風格他們就覺得還歐顆 沒驚喜沒有改變
我已經聽了三年 我告訴外婆 我沒輸 不需要改變
表哥說不要覺得可惜 這只是一場遊戲
不要覺得可惜 這只是一場遊戲
只要外婆覺得好聽 那才是一種鼓勵
淺淺的笑容 就讓我感到比得獎它還要光榮

外婆她的期待 慢慢變成無奈 大人們始終不明白
她要的是陪伴 而不是六百塊 比你給的還簡單
外婆她的無奈 無法期待 有愛才能夠明白
走在河畔 聽著最愛 把溫暖放口袋
外婆她的期待 慢慢變成無奈 大人們始終不明白
她要的是陪伴 而不是六百塊 比你給的還簡單
外婆她的無奈 無法變成期待 只有愛才能夠明白
走在淡水河畔 聽著他的最愛 把溫暖放回口袋
Lyric added by: silverlining
Lyric added by: silverlining
Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)

Today is maternal grandmother's birthday
I change into an old style suit
Carrying maternal grandmother driving my cool curio car going for a ride
In the car her favourite is playing
Retrieve the era that belongs to her
Driving towards the port of Da Dao Cheng, take all the past events with maternal grandfather and recall them
Maternal grandmother, the ripples on her face
Beautiful but cannot hide suppression
Lost love, only hope for family love
Make up for response
Adults think that it is considered as respectful before they go out to leave 600 on the table
Working their hardest day till night
Earn money, less caring, what meaning does it have?

Maternal grandmother, her awaiting
Slowly becoming helpless
Adults still don't understand
What she wants is accompanying
And not $600
It is simpler than what you gave
Maternal grandmother, her helplessness
No way to become expectation
Only love can understand
Running in the fresh water river bank
Listening to her favourite
Put warmth back into the pocket

Remember maternal grandmother's birthday last year
Cousin brought maternal grandmother and I to participate in
The awards ceremony she paid attention to most
The result was that I didn't get half an award
Don't know if I should laugh or not
I smirk at the camera
I only think that I am laughable
I feel sad
Yet feeling sad not because I didn't get an award
I'm depressed
I'm depressed because I see maternal grandmother depressed
Adults simply cannot know cousin's well intention
It seems like they can thoroughly deny it if they are happy to
My work
Decision depends on their mood
Want to persist with style, yet they think it's still ok
No surprises, no changes
I've already heard it for 3 years
I tell maternal grandmother
I haven't lost
No need to change
Cousin said not to feel it's a pity
This is only a game
As long as maternal grandmother thinks it's good to listen to
Now that is a kind of encouragement
Maternal grandmother reveals a smile saying she is proud of me
Shallow smile
Then makes me feel even more honour than getting an award
Ho @
Lyric added by: silverlining

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