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Bright Daylight by Hiro +lyrics

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  •  - Hiro
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    Bright Daylight
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    30 January, 2001
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Lyric added by: becks
bright daylight asa no hikari ga ima
massugu watashi wo terasu yo
naita kinou wa nugi sutete yukou

--- ticktack ---

habatake nai tori mitai ni kizutsuita hibi wa
korekara hajimaru suteki na kisetsu e no prologue

saa ryoute wo sora e to nobashite
atarashii hajimari wo kanjite
dare datte sabishisa kakaete ikiteru

--- don't worry ---

*bright daylight taiyou no hikari abite
zenbu arai nagashi tara
kitto tsuyoi watashi ni natte ikeru ne

bright daylight kyou kara hajime you
sugita hibi wa modora nai
jibun rashiku ikitereba ii genki dashite...*

shiranuma ni nakushite itta ai ni utsumui te
kono machi de jibun dake chippoke ni omoete mo

ashita e to kibou wo sutezu ni
saa door wo akete shinkokyuu shite
dokoka ni matteru hito ga iru kara

--- it's all right ---

bright daylight kaze ni makenai you ni
kono daichi fumishime te
yoru wo koete yasashiku natte ikitai

bright daylight isoga nakute iiyo
kitto hohoemi modoru kara
yurugi nai omoi ga mune ni aruno nara

hanarete iku subete ni ima te wo furi
atarashii watashi e

*-* repeat
Lyric added by: becks
Lyric added by: becks
Bright Daylight 朝の光が今
まっすぐ 私を照らすよ
泣いた昨日は 脱ぎ捨てていこう

―― Ticktack ――

はばたけない鳥みたいに 傷ついた日々は
これから始まる素敵な 季節へのプロローグ

さあ 両手を空へと伸ばして
新しい始まりを 感じて
誰だって 寂しさ かかえて生きてる

―― Don't worry ――

※Bright Daylight 太陽の光浴びて
全部 洗い流したら
きっと強い 私になっていけるね

Bright Daylight 今日から始めよう
過ぎた日々は 戻らない
自分らしく生きてればいい 元気出して・・・※

知らぬまに失くしていった 愛にうつむいて
この街で自分だけ ちっぽけに思えても

明日へと 希望を捨てずに
さあ ドアを開けて深呼吸して
何処かに待ってる 人がいるから

―― It's All Right ――

Bright Daylight 風に負けないように
この大地 踏みしめて
夜を越えて やさしくなっていきたい

Bright Daylight 急がなくていいよ
きっと 微笑み戻るから
揺るぎない想いが 胸にあるのなら

離れていく 全てに今 手を振り 新しい私へ

※~※ くり返し
Lyric added by: becks
Lyric added by: becks
Bright Daylight; Now the morning’s light
Surely shines straight on me
Let’s take off and throw away yesterday, when I cried

The painful days are a bird trying to not flap its wings
From here a beautiful prologue to the seasons starts

Saa...stretch both your hands out to the sky
Embrace the beautiful new start
Holding onto sadness, everyone lives

-Don’t Worry-

Bright Daylight; showering in the dawn’s light
If we let it all rinse away
Surely I can go and become the strong me
Bright Daylight; From today let’s start
Those past days won’t return
It’s good that I can live as the real me
I'll be fine!

For a long time I was losing
Looking down to love
In this city it was just me
Not wanting to do anything, but doing it anyway

To the tomorrow where I won’t throw away hope
Saa...Open the door and take a deep breath
Because people are waiting for me everywhere

-It’s All Right-

Bright Daylight; like conquering the wind
Stomp on this earth
The night is passing over, and I want to become gentler
Bright Daylight; Hurriedly losing it is OK
Because surely the smile will come back again
If the thoughts in my heart aren’t wishy-washy

Everything now is going to be separated
I’ve got to wave to the new me

Repeat *
Lyric added by: becks

About Hiro

Real nameHiroko Shimabukuro
Birthday7 April, 1984
Debut1999 (active)
Main occupationsinger (active)
Official website
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