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Trying Not to Remember by Evan +lyrics

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  •  - Evan
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    Trying Not to Remember
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    14 February, 2012
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    80% relaxing  10% sad  10% touching  
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Lyric added by: YuriChan
It could not become a cherished so the memories vanished
And my heart hardens as it lingers around those memories

A day is passing just like yesterday
Familiarly becoming tainted as I deeply think over it again

Someone leaves me and I let someone go
Seems like it will linger in my heart, separation is hiding from behind

Now I am leaving, I'm leaving like this
I leave the memories and I walk again
After a while, my throat closes
After a while, tears fall

I am thinking about it but I can't put it in my heart
I am listening but I can't open my ears
I try to place my eyes there but I cannot look
A ray of light seeps in and wakes me up again

Now I am leaving, I'm leaving like this
I leave the memories and I leave myself
Following the memories, following the tears
Following the cherished thoughts, I find you

The lost memories, memories, memories
My memories are shouting, don't go, don't go, don't go, don't leave
The stopped love love love
My love is going crazy, my heart, my heart, my heart is about to burst

Now I am leaving, I'm leaving like this
I am looking for you and walking again
You are leaving, memories are leaving
I wander again and I touch you
Lyric added by: YuriChan

About Evan

Real nameYoo Ho Seok
Birthday8 December, 1983
Main occupationsinger (active)
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